Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Princess Guide: Are You Interested or Committed?

This is my first-ever mobile blog post, so please bear with me. I'm going to have enough Crackberry typos to sink a battleship, but we'll have to grin and bear it.

So... Keeping that in mind, are you interested or committed? Did you sign up for the 3-Day in February but have the excitement cool down as the summer temperatures went up???

Guess what? I'm going to be frank with you. I don't care. I don't care that you're busy. And I don't care if your "usual" fundraising sources are lagging this year.

Because this is what I care about: Our friend Cheri is still fighting strong. She walked with our team last year -- the cancer already in her bones.

I care about my friend Shari -- a two-time survivor. And Ken, just diagnosed.

I care about Tracie -- spending five days in ICU after an 8-hour double mastectomy and reconstruction this past Wednesday.

That's what I care about. None of those people got a choice. They didn't get an opportunity to skip the cancer route because they were too busy.

I'm asking you to do whatever it takes to reach deep down, grab hold of that commitment again and don't let go. Whatever it takes.

About this time of year I start to hear the "IFs" start to come through. IF I walk. IF I can raise the money.

Don't you dare let that happen. Don't sell yourself short -- get out there and Git er Done.

You don't raise the kind of money Team Tiara has raised without learning a few things. The biggest thing is that after October 1 the money starts pouring in. It's crazy, exciting and boggles your mind.

But you know what?? That's where faith comes in. When you make that commitment to self-donate it can be a bit crazy. But you HAVE to keep in mind the fact that you're not committing to self-donate the whole $2300. Your committing to donate the BALANCE that you haven't raised four weeks AFTER the walk.

Dude.... That's plenty of time!!!

Here's the clincher. If you're on Team Tiara you've got to do the online registration before October 6 or you won't be able to camp with the Kool Kidz.

PLEASE step out on faith and let's get this job done. Let's make that choice to COMMIT for all those who don't get the choice.

Your Challenge For Today: I'm in Old Army mode today, so I'm thinking we need to give this the Good Ol' College Try. Contact 10 crazy college buddies to let them know what you're doing!

What I'm Doing Today: Today we're taking the Bigglets to their first-ever Aggie Game. Whoop! Kait is thrilled; Abs not so much. We'll be stopping by the AFC tailgate with hopes of seeing Bob & Myrt. A&M has lots of neat stuff to commemorate 9/11, and I think that's pretty cool.

I watched the coverage on TV today -- seeing the planes hit still causes a physical punch-to-the-gut physical reaction. I watched it with A&K and explained that that's what Hate does.

On the other side of the coin, it's been a great day for our family -- both girls won their soccer games this morning. Go teams Germany and Portugal!!!

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