Friday, September 17, 2010

The Princess Guide: 50/50/50

So... I Love that Kayren Babcock any time of year. BUT I especially love her at 3-Day Time of Year when we talk every day. Every. Day. We share ideas and inspiration and a complaint or two along the way. But especially ideas.

Kayren had this AWESOME idea for today. Exactly 50 days from today, we'll be pumped up, jazzed up, probably freezing our tushies off, and hitting the trail. That's right. FIFTY days from today. (YIKES!)

So... Auntie K-K (as my girls call her) decided we need to make this Friday:

Fun, Fabulous, Fantastic Fundraising Friday!

Okay. I confess. I just got a bit carried away. BUT I LOVE alliteration and that just happens every now and then, right? (Of course, I love Onomatopoia more.)

Anyways, today being "Fun, Fabulous, Fantastic Fundraising Friday," we have a goal! We're working to get 50 of our friends (or friends of friends) to donate $50. Get it?

50 Days Out / 50 Friends / $50!!!

Can you help???

Your Challenge for Today:
Your challenge is to implement this fantastic 50/50/50 goal! Use Facebook. Use Twitter. Use Email. Use the Party Line at your Grandma's house. (Oh wait. That was 1979.) Let's see if we can all get 50 friends to donate $50!

Please leave a comment! And let me know how this works for you!

What I'm Doing Today:

I kinda took yesterday off for Ladies' Bible Class, lunch with "the girls" and other stuff. Today, it's back on the bike. BUT....

Even better, today is Kait's Birthday #8!!! (I believe in Birthday Week, but today is the "official" day.) So today we're gonna be doing a bit of Celebrating!!!

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Kayren said...

LOL hahahahaha Party line! That is too funny! Go Friday!