Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Princess Guide: We're All in This Together....

I love that song. And I love it that God made sure my little girls would be little girls at just the right time for that song to come out and for me to hear it over and over and over.

You know, I wish all four of you that read my blog were on our 3-Day team. BUT in the grand scheme of things, I know that all of you who walk are on my team. So that's cool. We're all in this together.

In the spirit of being a team, and really supporting each other, I'm gonna tell you what I'm really thinking right now.

Ready? Okay! (Football season is here, and I always wanted to be a cheerleader!)

Here goes....

It's time for you to get off your tushi and do some fundraising.

There. I said it.

Let's start with something simple....To me, there isn't much in life more discouraging than the number "zero." And I'm thinking that if you're a 3-Day walker with a "$0.00" beside your name 72 Days before the walk, you might be a bit discouraged.

So.... Here's what I want you to do. I want you to go to and donate to yourself.

Uh-huh. That's right. I'm asking you to lead the charge.

And no, I'm not smoking anything.

I promise.

Here's the deal. We talked yesterday about telling people why you believe in the 3-Day. Now, I'm asking you to show them you believe in the 3-Day.

It doesn't have to be anything big. $10. That's less than two trips to Starbuck's for me. It's less than taking your family through Chick fil A.

Donate what you can -- just knock that Goose Egg off the board...

Now... Doesn't that feel better???

Once you've done that, it's time to start spreading the word about this little adventure we've got going on here.

Have you sent out your fundraising letter yet?? If not, it's time to do that. And no, you're not too late. Last year, I didn't send mine out until Labor Day weekend. I remember, because Suzi and I were taking all our kids to Fluvanna for Opening Weekend. I'd addressed all my envelopes -- and stuffed them -- in advance.

We stopped in Somerville to buy stamps, then I put Suzi to work stamping those suckers. After about an hour or so, she realized she'd put the stamps on the wrong side of the envelope -- where the return address goes. That's right. She did.

So.... She fixed that little problem. And then, would you believe, started doing it again.

That is one mixed-up girl.

We eventually got the letters stamped and mailed from little post offices along Highway 36. Like Flat and Pancake. Seriously, those are the names of actual places. Would you believe?

But you see? It's not too late. I promise.

So it's time for you to get those letters out. If you need an example, I have one here. But once again, you've got to make it your own. Unless your name is D'Lyn and you lost your Mom three years ago last month, this really isn't the letter for you.

If you've already sent out your fundraising letter, it's time for you to send an update to all your friends and family. Let them know how your training is going (or isn't), how your life is going, and how your fundraising is going. They need a little nudge here and there to remind them that you're walking and could sure use their help.

Your Challenge for Today:
If you're looking at a Goose Egg on your tally, the first step is to make a donation to yourself. The next step is to send a fundraising letter -- or an update, depending on where you are in the fundraising process.

What I'm Doing Today:
Today I rode 14 miles on my bike -- and my new shoes made a huge difference. You wouldn't think they would, but they did! I'm also firing up The World to come to Team Tiara's Celebration Gala on October 2. AND we're laying the groundwork for Hope Field Snow Cone stands this weekend at the soccer fields. Life is never boring around here!

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