Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Princess Guide: Rest, Ags.

Okay. I know that in a perfect world all four of you would be Aggies -- and would be on Team Tiara.

And I know you're not.

BUT... I can't say "Rest" without thinking "Rest, Ags."

It's just part of my blood, this Aggie-speak.

But Rest is important. It's important for you to take a break from training to let your body recover. It's important to give your family a 3-Day-Free day.

It's important to take breaks while you're training, or doing the actual walk. So, today we Rest.

Your Challenge for Today:
Rest. Get ready to hit the trails again tomorrow.

What I'm Doing Today:
We started soccer season yesterday with a Win for Kait's team. Abbie's team ran out of time, but she had one heck of a game. We were supposed to cap our day with the Texans /Cowboys game but after sitting in traffic for an hour and never getting off of 610, we came to the realization that we were never going to get there. So.... We went to Rudy's instead (mmmmm..... Creamed Corn!) and watched the game on TV.

I'm still fighting the ragweed. Claritin was not working at all -- just rolling over and playing dead. So between Sunday school and Church this morning, I made a quick jaunt to CVS. Zyrtec seems to be doing better, but we'll give it the true test at soccer practice tonight.

I am resting up for tomorrow. I plan to do 20 miles on my bike, so you'll have to check in and see how I do!

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Shop Without Money Sisters said...

I hope you make your 100 team members! I'm walking in DC so can't help you. I live with some train fanatics and would love to be able to show them pics of the pink train engine. Very cool! Even though I'm not on your team, I picked up a few tips from your post.