Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Princess Guide: Passionately Pink for the Cure

Oh my.

Just wait till you see what I have planned for you tomorrow. I have found the PERFECT way to launch my 74 days of posts leading up to the 3-Day.

I'll give you a hint -- Jake is involved.

BUT.... We're not there yet.

We're "here," instead. And "here," we need your help.

You've heard me talk about the Gala we are planning for -- It's October 2 in Houston. A celebration of all that Team Tiara has accomplished in the last 5 years. A Party. And it's a sneak peek at all we want to accomplish in the future.

There's just one small problem.

If we don't sell 100 tickets to the Gala by next weekend, there will be no Gala.


My friend Melissa says it all so much better than I can....

"This event is a 5 year celebration of what Team Tiara has accomplished, as well as our expanded vision for the future, a celebration of life for survivors and a commemoration to those who lost their lives to this nasty disease.

We want to have money to help those struggling with fund-raising so they can participate in the 3-Day. We want to help the mom who needs child care, and the woman who needs a ride to and from chemo. We want to help the husband who has to take a day off work without pay to be with his wife during treatment. We want to help the man who is confused about how he got this disease.

The needs that are not fulfilled under other organizations are immeasurable. We are making a difference, but it could be so much more! "

The date for the gala is October 2nd, 2010, and the tickets are $50 each or $90 a couple and checks need to be made out to Team Tiara Foundation. The tickets include entrance into the event, 2 adult beverages, a fruit and cheese "appetizer", tea, coffee bar that includes cinnamon sticks and chocolate shavings (CHOCOLATE!) in addition to the traditional additions to coffee, and full buffet meal including bread/rolls, choice of chicken dish or roast beef carving station, 2 sides and dessert.

We have many great auction items including some of our calendar quilts, autographed items, private chartered sailing, Harley rental, football tickets to several different colleges, wine packages, and the list goes on and on...

So Here's the Deal.....

Team Tiara has accomplished so much in five years. To date, we've raised over $340,000 for breast cancer research, education, awareness and services. But there's just so much more we can do.

Please consider coming to the Gala. Help us celebrate where we've been -- and where we're headed. Put on your sparkly mascara and come Party with us. (Some of these walkers really are a hoot.) And if you can't come, please consider sponsoring tickets for a local survivor to attend.

You can download an order form for tickets here.

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