Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Princess Guide: My Momma LOVED Trains

My Momma LOVED trains. She grew up across the highway from the AT&SF tracks, and she LOVED trains. When we packed up her house a few weeks ago, we found more than a few trains in the mix.

My Mom would have loved the fact that Kevin Tate has offered a train challenge to our team. If we get 100 or more team members this year (right now we're at 79), Kevin is going to paint a train engine pink. How cool is that? I wrote about it yesterday here.

So in the spirit, and to add to the fact that all four of you should be walking with Team Tiara, today I'm coming up with as many reasons "why" that I can think of.

1. It's a whole new way to live.
2. We're "wild" about the 3-Day.
3. Crazy things happen with this team.
4. Glitter mascara.
5. Pink ribbon tattoos.
6. Tiaras.
7. God uses our team for big things.
8. We are determined.
9. We won't give up a fight.
10. After 5 years, we finally (sort of) know what we're doing.
11. We've been on TV.
12. Suzi Bruin walks with us.
13. Our team is a perfect microcosm (I think that's what you call it) of the 3-Day. We have walkers who have lost Moms, Sisters, Grandmothers, Friends. We have walkers on our team who are survivors, and we have walkers who have never been touched personally by breast cancer -- but realize the price.
14. Some of us walk very, very slowly. Others walk very, very fast. And there are about 70 who are in-between.
15. Because I want to see that pink train!
16. It's a 60-mile buffet.
17. And it's 60 miles of ministry.
18. Being part of a team is way too much fun!
19. Anthony knows where Starbucks is.
20. Our walker-stalkers know what to do with polar fleece!
21. Hair pretties.
22. The Love Shack.
23. We're color-coordinated.
24. It's all about the clothes.
25. We're firm believers in Body Glide.
26. We know what to do with Moleskin.
27. Once a Tiara, always a Tiara.
28. No peeing in the showers!!!!!!!
29. Big earrings.
30. Bras, bras, everywhere you look you see bras.
31. We walk for Cheri.

Okay.... We've got soccer practice tonight. Maybe I'll add more later????

Your Challenge for Today:
Your challenge is to come up with your own list of why you're walking -- and share it with someone. Or why you're walking with Team Tiara! Believe it or not, this is your homework for tomorrow -- you'll understand when we get there.

What I'm Doing Today:
I kinda forgot this part of yesterday's post. Oops. Yesterday I did 20.75 miles on my bike. Today I did 10.75. Biggsy is doing Insanity, so I played with it a bit today. I'm thinking the jumping is more than my feet can handle, but I'll see.

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Leanne said...

I love this post so much. I read all your posts and am so inspired! I am walking on the Rack Pack based in Frisco for the 3rd year again this year. Hopefully we'll get to walk a few miles together in November!!