Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Princess Guide: Meds

Okay. I'm not talking about the Mediterranean right now -- although that might be a nice place to be.

Instead, I'm talking about Meds -- as in Medication.

I've spent much of the last week outside, as I did all of today. And I'm suffering. My ragweed-ometer or whatever it is is going off.

Which reminds me of meds -- and why they're so important.

And how they'll be that much more important when you're walking 60 miles in three days, 4 hours away from your pharmacy back home.

Don't forget your meds.

I was going to say, don't forget your (insert long list of prescriptions here), but all I could think was the name Cialis --and isn't that like Viagra? Or not.

But I digress.

Whatever it is, start planning now to make sure it's in your suitcase for the walk. If you're going to run out of whatever it is the weekend of the walk, and you need to see a doctor before it's refilled, it might be a good idea to get that appointment scheduled now.

I hope you're following me here, because I'm not sure I'm even following me....

Ragweed does that to me.

Your Challenge for Today:
Take a close look at any prescriptions you take and make sure that won't be an issue.

What I'm Doing Today:
Sneezing. And craving a nap.

Right after I do the Happy Dance -- I lost a Pound!!!!

1 comment:

Kayren said...

That first year that I walked with you I forgot my Cymbalta or whatever I was taking at the time. 3 days without that stuff and not only would I have been very very cranky but I would also have been very dizzy and had a very large headache. Thank goodness Target pharmacies are all linked! Great advice D!