Monday, August 23, 2010

The Princess Guide: Like a Dog on a Jet-Ski

Please note: If you haven't read this post from yesterday, please do!

We have this dog.


He's 8 years old, and really not good for much. Star of our annual Christmas letter. Hole-digger. Cat-eater. Trampoline-jumper. Escape artist.

At one point, Biggsy thought he had a new hunting dog. Then he shot the gun. Jake couldn't get under the nearest truck fast enough.

Since we moved back to Houston, though, there is one thing Jake has really excelled at -- chasing Jet-skis up and down the Creek. And last year, when we bought him his very own Jet-ski to chase, he was in hog heaven.

Until this weekend. This weekend, Jake found out what it's like to live.

Saturday morning, we got up and put the ski in the water. We were moving a bit slow, and the Thomas family wasn't there yet. The girls weren't really motivated to go yet, so Biggs suggested we put Jake on the ski.


Jake did not agree that this was a good idea. He kind of balked. But Biggs got him on the ski, and I started off slowly.

Forget hog heaven, He was now in Dog Heaven.

Jake was in his element. I took him on a couple of rides, and with the exception of the fact that it was a bit like having a smelly, shag-carpet bath mat next to me it was pretty cool.

We went way up the Creek to the second bridge -- and he loved it. He never wiggled. Didn't make a peep -- not for birds or other dogs or anything.

And for the rest of the weekend, he begged to go again and again and again.

Now, for many of you, doing the 3-Day is about as unnatural as a dog on a Jet-ski.

You've probably got more than a few people in your life sending you the "Can't" vibe.

Are you going to prove them right???

I was thinking of all the negative reasons your dream-stealers might be sharing with you. I'm not going to give you the litany -- but what I will do is tell you that many, many of us have the same reasons running through our brains on a regular basis.

I'm asking you to turn those voices off and listen to this instead....

We have 74 days till the DFW 3-Day....

That means we have 74 days to:
Get in shape.
Lose weight.
Raise the $2300.
Find a new sports bra.
Buy Glitter Mascara.
Shoe-Polish the car...

Really, the list goes on and on.

But even more than that, we have 74 days to remember why we're walking in the first place. And yes, I know some of you need to jog that memory. You know who you are. So take some time today to think about why you're walking. Each of us has a different reason. It was enough of a reason for you to sign up to walk, and it's still enough of a reason for you to continue this adventure.

And guess what? It's probably more emotional than logical. Do you know how I know that?

Well, it's not logical to walk 60 miles in 3 days.

And it's not logical to raise $2300.

And it's sure not logical for a dog to ride a jet-ski.

You may balk and whine a bit, but you know what? Once you jump on, it's definitely worth the ride!

Your Challenge for Today:
Today you're going to make a list of all the reasons you signed up for the 3-Day and post it on your desk, your wall, your mirror, etc. We've got 74 days to raise $2300. If you're starting "from scratch" that means you're looking at raising an average of $31 a day -- very do-able! Especially when you have a chat with your inner "dog on a jet-ski" and let him know you're ready for a ride!
Help Turn this into a Conversation:
This 74 Days Straight of Princess Guide Updates will be so much easier with a little back-and-forth! So please leave a comment and let me know some of the reasons you are walking. And better yet, please let me know if you have any 3-Day questions that need to be answered!


The Mullen Family said...

I'm walking because I can! I WILL raise the money. You just watch my thermometer rise to the occassion, and I'll see you in DFW! Thanks for being such an awesome leader!

The Mullen Family said...

p.s. Don't look at my blog. I don't think I've updated it in two years. It makes me so sad. My, how time flies.