Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Princess Guide: Just Ask!

Ummmm... I'm not totally sure why I'm doing this, but I must be a glutton for punishment. Or something. But hang with me -- there's a point in here somewhere.

As I rode my bike this morning (16.5 miles, thank you very much!), I was wondering if it's easier for guys to ask their friends to donate to the 3-Day -- or if those of us who are lucky enough to be chicks have it easier.

Now, I understand that "dating" has changed quite a bit from the Good Old Days, but I'm thinking that asking girls out on dates has to prepare young men for careers in sales -- or fundraising for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. They get used to hearing the word "No," right???

It's just a theory.

Growing up in Fluvanna, I had a bit of experience with the "asking" side of dates. You see, with 11 kids in your class, and an estimated 70 kids in the whole high school, there's not that high a probability that The Guy you want to go to prom with is one of the guys who has been making fun of you since first grade. And besides, if everyone in the Jr. and Sr. classes paired up for Prom, it would be pretty small. Right?

So... Many of us shipped in dates from the Outside World. Places like Snyder, Post, Lamesa and Grandfalls-Royalty. My date my Senior year was Kenny Norris -- and when I think back to all the guys I knew growing up, his star is still one of the brightest -- just a really great guy. About a month after Prom, I managed to flip my Bronco II with Kenny in the passenger seat. That's another story for another day, but continues to be a lasting testimony to God's faithfulness in my life.

But let's back up.... If I hadn't asked Kenny to Prom, who knows what would have happened.... Would I have been dateless? You've got me. But... I had to ASK to get him there. I had to ASK, so 21 years later I'd have this LOVELY picture to show you all. (Yes, my Momma made my dress. And yes, there's some type of beribboned banana clip holding my hair back.)

My point is (See, I told you there was a point.), you never get anywhere if you don't ask. Whether you're hoping your family and friends will donate to the 3-Day, or you're hoping for a Debonaire date to the Prom, you've got to ask!
How often do we have that conversation... We tell our friends what we're doing. We talk about porta potties and peanut butter graham cracker sandwiches and the 60-mile buffet. Pink tents and showering in semi trucks. We talk right up to the point where it's natural to ask them to donate -- and then we stop.
We don't ask.
We leave them hanging.
We don't want to put them off. We're worried they'll say, "No." We're worried they'll think we're weird or needy or whatever.
But guess what? I'm wondering how many people walk away from those conversations wishing we had asked. Wishing we'd given them the opportunity to make a difference. Wishing we had invited them to be a part of this great big thing we're doing????
Your Challenge for Today:
Your challenge for today is to tell five people about the 3-Day -- and then ask them to donate. Tell them they can easily donate by check -- you'll send it in for them. Tell them they can easily donate online. Tell them online donations automatically generate an emailed receipt for their tax records. Tell them they can double their donations with matching funds from their company. Tell them they can split their donations into installments.
But before you tell them all that, you've got to ask.
Oh, and here's a twist: you need to do all this personally.
That's right. No email. Make a connection -- in person or over the phone. I promise you'll be glad you did!
Oh! And let me know how it goes!!!!!!!!
What I'm Doing Today:
As I said earlier, I did 16.5 miles on my bike this morning. That's 52.5 miles this week. And my tailbone can attest to that. I'm loving it, though. The humidity is low here right now -- that helps immensely. Of course, as soon as the kids go back to school and the humidity drops, the ragweed comes out. DANG.
I'm working up to doing a training walk this weekend or early next week. I know that sounds crazy to most of you, but you've gotta understand that for me walking is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical exercise. I have this huge fear of screwing up my feet -- I notice every twinge. But I'm gonna get there.

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