Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a Year!

I Love, Love, Love comparing pictures of the girls and how they change. This school year has definitely brought about changes in our household!! Check out the picture from the first day of school....

And this one from the last day of school -- pretty easy to see Abbie grew 4 inches this year, isn't it???

This really was an incredible year for both girls. Kait had Mrs. Book -- the perfect teacher for her. Kelley understood perfectly that Kait needs quite a few hugs every day. "Huggie!" is what she squeals. Thankfully Kelley was happy to comply!
This really was a great year for Kait. After being accepted into the GT program on a "probationary" basis last year, she is now in for keeps. At the Awards Ceremony on the last day of school, Kait received the "Terrific All-Around Student" award. Her buddy Finn got the same award in the "boy" category.

Abbie had Mrs. Evans for the second time around. I just love Liz. She's such a great teacher for these kiddos. She understands that they all have little quirks, and she manages all that so well. Abbie did a great job in her class. We got through TAKS without a wimper or a worry. Abs got 98% on Math and 100% on Reading. Not once did she seem stressed or panicked, and I think that was LARGELY due to the leadership of Liz and the rest of the 3rd grade team. Our kids were so well prepared!
Abs won the Radiant Reader award in her class. And that she is!


Hol and J said...

Yea! This post made me smile.

jenny said...

What a beautiful post!! Those girls are precious, and it makes me happy to see all those school accomplishments.

I'm keeping my blog up this summer. Just can't get to it during the school year. :-)

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