Saturday, June 26, 2010

We. Are. Family!

(You've gotta sing that title in your head, or better yet out loud, for full effect.)

The Lloyd cousins met in Granbury at Aunt Dot & Uncle Lane's (a couple of weeks ago) for our annual family reunion. We had a fantastic visit. It would have been better if Laura Kay had been there with the Wiggins crew. And it would have been MUCH better if Robert and Gary had been home from Afghanistan. And it would have been EVEN BETTER if Aunt Vell's gang had been there.

But we suffered through (ha!) and spent our time eating some way yummy food and watching those crazy Beaty kids beat each other up on Wii Boxer.

Here's the gang. As a family that's extremely proud of OUR troops -- and the long-standing military heritage that the Lloyds have -- we all sported red, white and blue for the occasion!

Have you ever seen anything this cute????

The girls loved seeing Grandpa Weldon. Abs, of course, had to ask how her cow and calf, Rosie and Ashley, are doing.....

We took some generational pictures. Here is Dad's batch of Lloyd Cousins....

And mine. That's Danny on the cell phone on the left-hand side of the picture. No, that goofy hat is on George. Danny is really on the phone.

Maybe this is the cutest thing ever.

Or this....

This totally cracked me up. At reunions past, games such as dominoes might have been the entertainment of choice. At this reunion? I-Phone Apps.

Danny did make it in after all. With his signature hat, of course.

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