Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Princess Guide: Flocking 101


It's been a wild ride around here the last few weeks, and I haven't had that much time to spend on The Princess Guide.

And you know what? It's going to continue to be crazy here for the next couple of months. Updates may be few and far between, so to get you rolling, I'm going to share my all-time favorite 3-Day Fundraiser with you.

Flamingo Flocking!

Please note: In no way, shape or form was this an original idea.

That being said, it's a tried and true fundraiser that I absolutely love!!!

Step 1: You'll need to have signs made. It usually costs me about $35 to have two signs made. I'm sure if you were really resourceful you could get someone to comp the printing, but I've always just ordered mine. I get them from Signs Now, and I get extra stakes when I pick up the signs. The stakes don't always hold up so well. The signs hold up REALLY well.

2. On the back of your sign, you'll want to glue some kind of waterproof, zipper pocket. I get the clear zipper portfolios at Office Depot. Waterproof really is the key here. Between rain and water sprinklers mositure can be a problem.

In the folder, you'll want to add several flyers that explain what you're doing. You'll want to print off several of the donation forms from your personal fundraising website and staple one to each Flamingo Flyer. This is so neighbors can find out what you're doing and make a donation.

3. You'll need to "dress" your "Girls." You can decorate them however you want. It's fun to get crafty with pom-poms and glitter and all that jazz. I buy my flamingos at Garden Ridge. Two Girls will cost you about $25.

4. Once your Girls are all gussied-up, you will plant them in a friend's yard -- preferably someone who you haven't hit up for a donation. Put a letter in an envelope that explains what you're doing. Include a form that allows them to designate where The Girls are going next. Be sure to explain how they can donate. Put your friend's name on the envelope -- written clearly. Either tape this to their front door or place it in the very front (where they can clearly see it) of the clear envelope / portfolio on the back of your sign.

Ideally, your friend will call you immediately to rave about how cool the flamingos are, will make a quick donation and will give you the name of a friend they are flocking next. The really cool thing is that this will often get you donations from people you have never met.

Sometimes you have to call the hosts to spur them on a bit. Sometimes they beg to have The Girls stay a few days.

5. From my past experience, it's best to do this with a partner. First, it's a lot more fun and things get kind of silly. Second, it's good to have someone who can cover you if you can't get the Girls.

Really, 1-2 flocks per person is all that we were able to manage. You may be a Superstar, but I couldn't handle more than that.

6. The Girls are really motivated by Money. If you are given $50 to get them moving, your sponsors get 60 days of Flocking Insurance. If they donate $100 or more, they get full-season insurance.

7. Very rarely, we run into grumpy hosts. Just go over, kidnap your girls, and move on. Start over with another friend you know and go from there.

8. Whenever possible, the girls need to be moved under the cover of darkness. This adds to their mysterious arrivals and really contributes to the fun and silliness.

Seriously, though, this is my absolute favorite fundraiser.
One last note, pink Pom-Poms make fantastic Flamingo Poop. Use this at your own discretion.


karavan4 said...

1-2 flocks? Girl, I think I flocked 20 people, at least! I am the QUEEN of flocking! You can get those birds half off at Garden Ridge during a good sale, and they go out of the store at the end of August so buy them now! :)

D'Lyn said...

I can only keep 1-2 flocks going at a time. Over the summer, you flock a bunch of people. But did you have 20 flocks going at once? That would be 20 signs... WAY too expensive for my blood!

karavan4 said...

No, no, no! One flock over the course of the summer! I misunderstood you. :)

D'Lyn said...

Can you imagine trying to keep up with 20???? Egads!!!

The Mullen Family said...

I'm confused by the flocking insurance. This is such a cute idea! Please clarify. Thanks

D'Lyn said...

Insurance just means you don't come back and flock them again.