Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Boobs and Trains Collide...

Team Tiara was given a unique challenge this morning....

If we have 100 walkers on our team for 2010, my friend Kevin will paint a locomotive pink. That's right. A Big, Bad Train Engine. Bright Pink! AND he'll paint some catchy slogan on the side!!!

How cool is that? Do you have any idea what a HUGE thing this is?? Can you imagine the publicity it would get? Can you imagine the impression that Big, Pink Train will make as it cruises the country??

This is an opportunity we can't pass up. Just as we can't step aside as breast cancer picks off our loved ones, one at a time, we can't pass up this opportunity to get THIS kind of exposure for the CURE.

As of this very second, this very moment, Team Tiara has 59 walkers registered for 2010. That means we need 41 more walkers. Don't you want to join us???

If you register today, and enter the discount code "RESOLVE" you'll save $25 on your registration.

Please help us get this Train for the CURE up and moving!!!

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