Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Princess' Guide: When Spring Break Hands You Lemons...

... Make Lemonade!!!
You know, there really isn't anything cuter than a bunch of kids selling lemonade. And what better time than Spring Break for them to set up a Lemonade Stand?

We're pretty much the only family in our neighborhood that didn't head out of town for the Break, and our girls are going nuts. They ask that much-anticipated "What can I do?" question at least every 10 minutes.

I'm thinking we need an afternoon Lemonade Stand.

This is one of the easiest fundraisers you'll ever do -- and it doesn't have to be confined to out in front of your house. Last fall, Team Tiara did a series of Lemonade Stands out at our soccer fields during the season. They weren't huge money-makers, but they did bring in about $150 a pop. That's $150 more than we would have had if we hadn't done them....

And a Lemonade Stand can really be as much or as little as you want it to be. You can branch out and serve baked goods or T-shirts. You can keep it just lemonade. We had a little pail of those dum-dums suckers for the kids to take. AND of course, we served PINK Lemonade!!!

Signage is VERY important! You want people to know you're raising funds for Komen and that additional donations are accepted. You want them to know what you're doing and that they can help!
And it's a great way to give your kiddos something productive to do!
The Clincher? You don't have to be a 3-Day walker to have a Lemonade Stand! Whoever you are, wherever you are, your kids can do a Lemonade Stand and donate the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. What a great way to teach your kids about responsibility and making a difference in this world!!!


audrey said...

where do you find pink lemons?

only half joking - do you color your home-make lemonade or just buy the pre-made stuff and resell?

D'Lyn said...

We use Country Time Pink Lemonade. It's the bestest!!!

Tammy K said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

I plan on doing this!! We are going to call it 'Cookies For the Cure' and do the pink lemonade as well. Easy peasy. ;o)

Pink is NOT my favorite color! said...

Stumbled across your blog on FB. Can you tell me how you got your 3 day fundraising link on your blog? I want to post my sister's link on my blog (she's walking the 60 miles for me!!!)

Thanks! And thanks for participating in such a fantastic cause...I'm 16 into 18 rounds of chemo, and am floored by the amazing people who are so passionate about fighting this disease.

D'Lyn said...

Hey, Pink!
Tell your sister, the Widget for fundraising can be found on her participant center. She'll know where that is.

I'm praying you whup up on your cancer, and breeze through those last two chemo treatments!!!