Thursday, March 4, 2010

Princess' Guide: What's Up With The $2300????

You know, on Team Tiara we have implemented a No Drama rule.

We'd implement a No Whining rule, too, but then I'd have to abide with it.

I really hate to ask the team to do something I wouldn't do. What kind of leader would that make me???

Seriously, though, there tends to be a bit of whinage from time to time about having to raise $2300.

I'm thinking I'm just going to jump on out there and share my thoughts on the matter.

I think the $2300 fundraising minimum ROCKS.

That's right. I think it is way too cool that you have to raise $2300 to walk in this walk.

You see, if anyone could do it, everyone could do it. If it didn't require as much of a commitment, everyone would want to do it. And there wouldn't be enough room for enough tents. And friends like my buddy Dione, who always waits to register at the last minute, and drives me nuts in the process, wouldn't get to walk.

Everyone would do it.

Everyone but me.

I think of this as the X-Games of fundraising. If I could be an Olympic snowboarder, I'd do that in a heartbeat.; but unfortunately when God made me, he left the athlete gene on the drawing board. Really. I mean it.

I will never be an X-Games athlete, but the 3-Day gives me something just as good. It gives me a challenge and a goal and so very much more.

It's not enough for me to do Race for the Cure -- to just show up and walk my 5K or whatever.

Nope. I'm going for the Gusto. Give me a challenge. 60 miles in three days. A bucketful of money to raise. I'm off to the races.

I LOVE this challenge. I LOVE seeing friends reach that goal -- when they never thought they could do it. I LOVE crossing that finish line knowing that I've done absolutely everything in my power to Stomp the Hell Outta Breast Cancer.

I think Race for the Cure ROCKS. But the sad fact of the matter is, people generally live up -- or down -- to our expectations. If you're not going to require people to raise money in order to participate, many won't. If you tell them they have to raise $2300, many will do that and then take a break.

The true champions in my book are the people who raise that money for the Race -- even though they don't "have" to. The people who go above and beyond that $2300 even though they don't "have" to.

I'm hoping you'll join us on the walk this year, and become one of those true champions. And you know what?? You can save $25 off your registration through March 9. Don't make me come over there and taunt you with a Reeese's Peanut Butter Egg until you register. Just get on board now!!! Click on Join Team and take it from there. Add "RESOLVE" as the discount code, and you'll save 25 Smackeroos.

That $25 would make a great first donation, so you don't have to look at a Goose Egg on your fundraising page. Or, you could take me to lunch at Newk's. It's your call!

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Christine said...

What a motivating post and OH SO TRUE!!