Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Princess' Guide: Spring Break Fundraising

I don't get it.

When you talk to people about the 3-Day, it's not the walking that concerns them. It's not sleeping in a pink tent. Or the rumor that someone once peed in the shower stall next to my friend Karen. (YIKES!) It's the fundraising... And I just don't get that.

It really is difficult for me to grasp the fact that there are some of ya'll out there who work really, really hard at fundrasing -- and have no luck at all. I really do try to get that, but I don't....

You see, I'm blessed with an INCREDIBLE support system -- a bajillion people out there who loved my Momma and who love me and who give the best they can. So I try to think of what I would do if I didn't have that support system.

This is what I know. I'd work my tail off to raise the money to do this walk. I would. And I wouldn't let fear or anything stop me. And in that mode, I'm going to try to funnel some ideas your way - ideas for things that are proven to work. Ideas for things that might work. Just ideas.

So... It's Spring Break in Texas -- for the vast majority of us, at least. My kids are already driving me nuts, and I'm guessing yours are as well. But hey! This is your opportunity to do a little Spring Break Fundraising!

While the vast majority of our neighborhood (it seems) are at Fairfield East, AKA Disney World, there are still quite a few ankle biters running around and driving their Mommas nuts.

I'm thinking you could volunteer to take those kiddos off your friends' hands for a donation. This wouldn't be your ordinary "come over and play date" -- you've got to make it worthwhile. Charge $15 a kid and have them over for about five hours or so.

Do crafts. Play games. Have fun. Check out http://familyfun.go.com/ for ideas. I'd gladly pay $30 (for the two Bigglets) to have five hours of peace this week. And I'm thinking I'm not the only one.

So there you go.... Your fundraising idea for today! Let me know how it goes!

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