Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Princess' Guide: The Lighter Side!

Okay. So now that there are all six of you reading my blog, I think it's high time we had a little conversation.

When we talk about the 3-Day, we often talk about the spirit, camaraderie, love, etc. But you know, that's not all it's about. The funny stories are what really makes the weekend.

So.... I'm going to Bust a Move and share my Most Embarrassing 3-Day Moment. Then, I invite you to share yours. Or maybe just a funny experience. I'm in a mood for The Lighter Side today!

So my first year, we were building a house while I was supposed to be training for the 3-Day. We'd already moved three times that summer, and were living in an apartment in McKinney. Six steps to the refrigerator -- I think I gained 10 pounds.

Lisa came in the night before, and I was pretty well packed -- but still rushed around a bit the morning of the walk.

We had to wake up in the middle of the night to get there. Like 4:00 a.m. Day 1 was starting at Texas Stadium -- a long trek for us in the best of circumstances. We threw the girls in the truck in their pajamas and Biggsy drove us over there.

Just one problem.... I left my other sports bras at home.

That's right. I had one on, but that was IT.

Being the resourceful girl I am, I wore it again on Saturday. But by the end of the day, it could have walked 20 miles on its own. So I washed it in the showers, thinking it'd be fresh for Sunday.

Ummmmm.... No..... It was COLD that night -- something like 34 degrees, and I woke up with a bra popsicle. Still wet. Cold. NOT cool.

I'm not one of those girls who could walk 20 miles braless.

So.... I had to wear Lisa's bra -- the one she had worn the day before!

And that, my friends, is my best 3-Day story. What's yours???


Lori said...

I don't have a story like this, since this is my first year and all.... but I fully expect to be able to top this one after November! I have danced my entire life but when God made me he forgot the "grace" of a dancer. I have tripped while standing! In addition to this terrific trait, I also tend to be a bit scatter brained. So you see the combination of said traits will make for a WONDERFUL and fun experience!

So glad you shared this story... I needed a laugh this morning!! Have a great day!

Christine said...

I too don't have any stories to share as this is my first walk. HOWEVER, you can bet your bibby that I will have plenty to share after this princess camps out and goes without electiricy for 3 days.

Your story was funny btw. ;o)

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

Hilarious!! This will be my first walk and I'm hoping to have some laughs as good as yours. You are very inspiring!