Friday, March 12, 2010

The Princess Guide: The Bucket List

How cool is that? Anthony put it together. He's our Lone Ranger this year -- so far the only guy on Team Tiara. It's a 62-1 ratio, so he's not too sad. And while we're on the topic of buckets, here's my fundraising tip for today....
(Please don't proceed unless you've done #1 and #2 from yesterday's post....)

So.... Let's talk about Canning. This is a great way to do some fundraising throughout your year without a big, huge time commitment. You can decorate cans -- whatever size you want -- and display them at neighborhood businesses.

Now here's the cool part.... Too often we get caught up in the Fundraising side of the 3-Day and forget that we have a BIG role to play on the awareness side. These little cans can help with that -- particularly if they are accompanied with a little literature about Breast Cancer. You can find all sorts of literature to order on the Komen website. Or just print out the list of breast cancer facts from the 3-Day Toolkit, laminate it, and put it with your can!

The best part of this? You get to get all creative with the scrapbook supplies and stickers!!!

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