Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heart Matters....

If you're one of my 3-Day peeps who has only been on the scene for a brief time, you may think this blog is all 3-Day, all the time.

Really, it's not.

More than anything else, this blog has been therapy. And real life. And I just tell it like it is.

Today is one of those days. So if you're here for the 3-Day scoop, we'll get back to that. But if you're one of my four tried-and-true readers who's been around awhile, you know sometimes I need to share my heart.

So here goes....

M'Lys, A'Lise and I have a big decision to make. A very big decision. A decision that doesn't just affect the three of us -- it has an impact on other people we love. It's a decision that we can't make lightly.

If you know what it is, then you know what it is. If you don't, you aren't supposed to know.

It's that simple.

But whether or not you know what I'm talking about in this way round about way, I do need you to know one thing.

We need your prayers.

As I see it, we have about five different options on this one.

Option #1 is an option that's a pretty "safe" option in regards to keeping the people we care about happy.

Option #2 would make a certain cluster of people we care about pretty upset.

Option #3 would make a different cluster of people we care about pretty upset.

Option #4 would make that same cluster of people upset -- but maybe not quite as much.

Option #5 is probably another "safe" option in regards to keeping people happy.

I'm a pleaser by nature. I want to make everyone happy. But the fact of the matter is, no matter which way we go, someone isn't going to be happy. There is absolutely no way we can make everyone happy on this one. No way.

So this is what we need....

We need your prayers that we will make the right decision -- one that provides a long-term solution. One that isn't just the right decision for us, but is the right decision for Abbie and Kaitlyn down the line.

Almost as much, we need your support. I think it goes without saying that M'Lys, A'Lise and I have had to deal with more CRAP in our lifetimes than we ever should have. You may think I'm exaggerating, but please remember you never know the whole story -- even if you think you do. And if you've been in our lives longer than this blog, you know that our challenges didn't just start with losing our Mom at 61. They started long ago, and they continue still.

So yes, what we need more than anything is your support. In the past, we have been thrust into the middle of far too many conflicts. We have had to claw our way through years of wading through the anger, unforgiveness and Olympic-size holding onto grudges. We have been dragged under, flipped over, and smothered by much of that.

We will not stand for it anymore. As I said, we've got five options going here, and there isn't a one that's not going to hack someone, somewhere off.

If we make that decision, and you're that person, please know that we aren't rushing through this process, and we're aren't taking it lightly. We're seeking counsel and prayers and are thinking it through very carefully.

And we fully expect your support when we're done. As the people who loves us, we need you to give us that much.


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Prayers it is friend. Prayers it is.

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

I don't know what you're going through but my thoughts are with you. I find you very inspiring! Good luck with your decision making.