Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Princess' Guide: Find a Friend

Team Tiara rocks. Did you know that??

2010 marks five years of our walking in the DFW Breast Cancer 3-Day. To date, we have raised over $290,000 for breast cancer research, education, awareness and services.

No way would have I seen that coming when Lisa and I walked in 2006!!!

This year, the 3-Day powers-that-be have asked me to serve as an Online Ambassador. How cool is that?

So... In my first "official" Ambassador-type post, I'm going to tell you about something very near and dear to my heart -- friends. And I'm going to tell you why you need to walk with friends. And I'm going to share a really cool surprise with you!!!

In late 2005, I was talking to my friend Lisa when she asked what I was doing. Not wanting to sound like the couch-potato I really am, I told here I was thinking about doing this breast cancer walk. Lisa jumped on the idea, and I was stuck! SIXTY MILES! YIKES!!!

Little did I know that I'd just been pulled into something that would change my life on such a huge scale.

Walking with Lisa that first year rocked. Maybe not all of it, because I was really hurting. Tendonitis in my left ankle make my foot creak, and not in a good way. But sharing that time with Lisa and that experience with her was HUGE. I can't imagine having walked without my friend.

Once we had crossed the finish line and closed the book on 2006, I knew we needed to make this a team event for 2007. I had no idea the path that I would travel in the next several months. At that point, I had no idea we would be moving back to Houston, leaving old friends, making new friends, or that we would soon lose my Mom. I simply knew we could raise more money if we had more people on our team.

And we walked. And we raised $38,000. A team of 13 friends held my hands and dried my tears. Lisa walked with us again. And that Suzi Bruin walked every single step with me. All 60 miles. Never quitting; never leaving me. I can't imagine what it would have been like to walk that walk alone. I can't imagine not having someone there to walk that walk with.

2008.... Wow. 60 team members raised $125,000. It was incredible. The friendships grew stronger. Our team began to grow as a group of people with THIS in common -- not just as a group of people who somehow knew D'Lyn.

2009.... 40 team members -- $100,000. We took a hit alongside the economy. But you know what? Breast cancer didn't. Breast cancer doesn't care who you are or how much money you make. It doesn't care where you live or work or shop or dance.

Our numbers may have been fewer, but you can't say the same about our spirit. This team was being fortified by God to do great things. This team was beginning to evolve. And the friendships were just growing stronger and stronger.

So now we come to 2010. Team Tiara is 54 walkers strong, and it's only February. This team has grown beyond my wildest expections -- and God gets the glory for that. To Him who is able to do more than we ask or imagine. He has brought people to this team who have a heart for finding a CURE. Those hearts are so big!!

I know this is sounding like a commercial for Team Tiara -- and I guess it kinda is. I'd love nothing more than for us to have a HUGE team this year. And if you want to join in with us, come along.

But if you don't, that's okay. We'll still love you.

But I do urge you to Find a Friend to walk with. The highs in life are much sweeter if you're walking beside someone. And the tears... Yes, you will shed tears... The tears don't sting so much if you have someone to share those with as well.

At the end of the day, having a tentmate to visit with, a teammate to sit in line with at the showers, a friend to eat dinner or dance or shop with... (Yes! There's Shopping!) Being with friends -- it's all good.

So here's the promised surprise. I know for some of you it will come as no surprise at all. BUT....

Through March 9, you can register to walk in the 3-Day and get a discount on your registration fee. Go to Click on "Join Team" Then, all you have to do is type in the discount code "RESOLVE."

Like, I RESOLVE to help find a CURE. I RESOLVE to lose 20 pounds. I RESOLVE to raise money for research. I RESOLVE to spend a weekend making a difference. I RESOLVE to help annihilate breast cancer before my girls are old enough to get a mammogram. I RESOLVE to spend time with friends. I RESOLVE to change my life. I RESOLVE to tell everyone I know about what I'm doing. I RESOLVE to wear pink proudly. I RESOLVE to sleep in a tent and shower in a converted semi truck. I RESOLVE to help increase awareness of breast cancer in men. I RESOLVE to do self-exams. I RESOLVE to schedule my mammogram.

See? You can do it. And you can do it $25 cheaper as long as you register by March 9.

Do it for your family.

Do it for yourself.

Just Do It.



Kayren said...

I'm proud to be a part of this whole crazy 60 miles - beat breast cancer- pee in port of pottys- shower in semi's- sleep in pink tents- wear crazy clothes and smile when I tell people that we are friends-I love to start my sentences "My friend D'Lyn"... love you friend!

Robin said...

Once a 3 Dayer always a 3 Dayer. You have done a great job at expanding your team. The first year my team was a team of 2, last year we were a team of 7 and this year we are a team of 8 so far for San Diego and a team of 2 for San Francisco.

Thanks for sharing your story, hope one of these years our team gets as big as yours.

Any chance your future posts will include info on how to run a large team?

Team Walkers 4 Life

Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

I love your "resolve" quote. I'm going to borrow it for a post about the discount on my blog. I'll be sure to credit you, of course and link back here.

Great post and a testament to the power of friendship!


D'Lyn said...

Oh! My! Goodness!!! Comments!! If ya'll will write comments, I'll write 3-Day Princess stuff all the live long day!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!