Friday, January 8, 2010

I Haven't Posted in Awhile....

I've been busy with more important things.

Like subbing.

Making soup.

Dripping the faucets.

Posting my bra color on Facebook.

That's right. Iwas one of them millions of women (and a scary number of men) who "flashed" the Facebook world yesterday.

I was wearing Pink, and I let the world know. Would you expect anything less?

One of those emails had hit my inbox -- actually about 50 versions of the same email. It was like a giant recipe or sock or dishtowel chain-letter, only this one wouldn't cost me a dime. Flashing is Free, you know.

So I flashed my friends and family.

This game being played, and it continued into today with a few late-comers to the party, was originally set up to raise awareness about breast cancer. Or at least that's what the email said. But I immediately thought about my friend Ann who actually has breast cancer and who was more than sick of the color pink by the time October 31 rolled around.

We all know about breast cancer. Awareness isn't the problem. If you're anywhere in my realm, you know I'm gonna make sure you know all about it. That you'd better check those chi-chi's and get those mammograms -- or you're gonna be up for a Momma-sized lecture.

The let-down wasn't in the posting -- I had a blast watching my friends' responses. Nude. Pink. Lavender. Beige. White. Commando. (Commando!) Black with Sequins and Feathers. (Oh my!)

The let-down was in the email. That this really cool firestorm of color and creativity was all fluff. No call to action. No clamoring for a CURE. No directions for donating.

As someone who works so very hard all year to raise money for breast cancer research, that was the "Oh Man!" part! How much could that game have accomplished if it'd just contained a donation address for the 3-Day? In a flash it spread like wildfire across Facebook. Everyone was in on it. What a missed opportunity!

But you know what? I believe in second chances. Here's your chance.

If you posted your colors yesterday, and so many of you did.... If you Flashed your friends and family.... If you got Flashed..... If you want your boobies to keep sporting their colors....

Then please, please go to and make a donation to the team member of your choice. Our goal is to raise $250,000 for breast cancer research this year. A quarter of a million. That's a huge goal, and we can't do it on November 1.

It's so easy. You can set up payments, did you know that? Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. You can donate online. Over the phone. By check.

You know what else? You could sign up to walk with us this year. It's all right there.

You think it was fun flashing your friends on Facebook? You should try it in real life. And there's no better place than the 3-Day. A place where bras aren't just for wearing. A place where cars and tents and signs are all decorated with bras more creative and crafty than the ones flashed on Facebook.

I promise... If you thought yesterday was fun, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Come join us. Help us with a donation. Forward this post. Please do something. Help us take action, so we'll all have colors to post for a very long time to come.

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