Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from the Land of Wii....

Okay. Where life in general is concerned I don't have many qualms about airing it all out right here.

But I can't right now. What I can tell you is that I should be buying lottery tickets left and right. The odds of all the things happening to us that have happened to us in the last week have got to be slim to none -- and Slim left town.

This has been by far the most stressful week of our year.

Our New Years 2009 Black Eyed Peas ran out one week too early. I should have had one more spoonful last year.

Yes, there were bright spots to our Holiday. Christmas Eve in Waxahachie with snow flying through the air was nothing but magical. Snow Ice Cream for breakfast the morning after Christmas was an all-new experience for our girls. And watching the Sound of Music piled on the couch with Abs and Kait is one of those "Mary Memories" I will treasure forever in my heart.

Through our travels the Wii Fund grew and grew to a point where Biggsy was able to make the purchase Tuesday morning. A Wii and Wii Fit. We were set -- until he got on the balance board to "set up" his Wii Fit profile.

Oh Boy.

It said he needed to lose 30 pounds.

It must be joking.

My man doesn't have 30 pounds to lose.

When I saw what it was telling him, I decided there was NO WAY I was getting on that thing in public.

Our week continued its downhill slide. By the time I accidentally deleted 6 years of my children's pictures off our new computer at 6:00 last night, I didn't have much more to give. I was numb.

Don't worry. Biggsy got them back about 5 hours later -- but those 5 hours were pretty much sheer hell for me.

In the meantime, like I said, I was numb.

So by the time 11:30 rolled around, the boys were all outside STILL shooting off fireworks, the kids were across the street doing whatever kids do, and I was facing down the Wii.

I logged on, got on that balance board and took it for a spin. Braced myself because if it thought Biggsy needed to lose 30 pounds, there was no telling what I was about to hear.

And it gauged my weight surprisingly low. In the normal range. Knowing full well it was "off" by several pounds, I smiled real big for the first time all week. And started playing games. Had a blast playing the penguin-eating-fishies game. My kind of fun.

Biggsy came in, and I proudly told him what it had said.

He informed me that I'd forgotten to add the carpet thingies under the balance board.

Oh Well. I could deal with "normal." I slept well last night.

This morning Biggsy took Abs and Kat to Denny's. While they were gone, I decided to slide around on the iceberg some more.


I put the carpet thingies on the balance board.


That blasted thing told me I'd gained 17.30 pounds overnight! And then it proceeded to lecture me on the dangers of late-night snacking!!!!!!

AND my Wii Mii got really fat really quick. How rude!!!

This is NOT what I signed up for!!

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The Barner Bunch said...

That's a crazy way. At least you faced your fear and got on the balance. I would have ended up saying the whole darn Wii was FAULTY!
Miss you guys.