Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I guess someday we will look back on the last couple of months and think fondly of something. But I'm not quite sure what.

As I write this, Kait and I are parked at the Dermott (officially known as Brookout) Cemetary. I know it wouldn't be what most would consider a Rest Stop -- or rather a short-term Rest Stop. But for us, it works.

Biggs and Abbie are about a half mile away, waiting for a deer to walk by. We're supposed to pick them up at the back gate at 6:00 and judging from the lack of shots I'm guessing they won't have company with them.

Abbie got her first deer yesterday evening -- a nice little doe that she brought down with her Pa's rifle. I'm not sure who was more excited -- Abs or Biggs. We have pictures on her camera that will hopefully run in the local paper.

This trip has been a much-needed step away from "reality." Jacquie is home from the hospital, but a degree of uncertainty continues to hover over us. The doctors never have determined what is wrong. Just that something IS wrong.

Biggs and I attempted to fly to London for a few days, but only got as far as Virginia before they turned the plane around due to all the ice at Heathrow. Even so, a day spent in the airport was kind of an adventure in itself. But knowing we had "wicked" seats to Wicked that went unused was just plain hard.

If you're looking to make one more charitable donation in 2010, please consider helping Team Tiara fight breast cancer. You can easily donate online at


Saturday, December 11, 2010

How Time Flies....

It's hard to believe it's almost been two months since we started the hospital merry-go-round with the Mimi. We still don't know what is causing her confusion and all that goes with it. BUT we are working hard to find the answers.

On Monday, Biggs and Pete checked her into Methodist Hospital in the Medical Center. She's had lots of tests and will have a PET scan on Monday. We meet with the doctors and our "consultant friend" on Tuesday or Wednesday to hopefully develop a game plan.

Visiting hours are restricted. Security is high. And everything involving Jacquie -- at all -- is password protected.

Please continue to keep her -- and us -- in your prayers.

Thank you!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caregiver Fatigue

I haven't posted in awhile, and I'm not even sure if any of you are out there anymore.... But we've been kinda busy. Mimi is currently on her third hospital stay in the last month, and the juggling act that I can normally handle is in hyper-drive.

The house is decorated for Chirstmas; the kids are fed. In fact, everyone but me is in bed.

(If I were Grannie Aunt Nelva, I could turn this all into a poem. BUT.... I'm not.)

What I am is tired. And what I know is that I'm getting a re-introduction to "Caregiver Fatigue."

I'm not sure if that's the actual name or not, but if it's not it should be. What I do know is that this is a completely different situation than when Mom was in the hospital.

When Mom was at MD Anderson, A'Lise and I had everything in balance -- sort of. I had the nights, she had the days. While A'Lise was at the hospital, I was at home trying to unpack from the move, keep everyone fed, and find my silverware. We never did find Biggs' SWC Championship Ring.

I didn't know anyone here, we didn't have a Food Fairy, and we still managed.

When Mom landed in ICU in Lubbock, I handed the girls off. First to Paige, and then to the Fluvanna Flock. I didn't really have to manage anything. We had a hotel room; we shifted the days / nights. I had to dodge that hispanic girl that tried to beat me up in the waiting room, but really that was the extent of the distractions. I was free to focus solely on Mom.

This is different. For one, we have a hope that if we can just figure out what's wrong, Mimi will have a long future ahead of her -- one with lots of travel and playing with the grandkids and fun times at the Creek.

But before we can get to that future, we've got to get through the NOW. And the NOW can be exhausting. Even when we're not at the hospital, we wish we were. And we never stop thinking about it.

Let's see... Nights spent at the hospital -- in the ICU, in the room, in the Emergency Room. Days spent at Mimi's bedside. Trying to be there at the perfect time to catch the doctor you so desperately want to talk to.

And then there's the Homefront. It's a 45 minute drive one way. On this side of town, we have Car Pool, laundry, Destination Imagination practice, Christmas, dinner, soccer, playdates, church, small group, Team Tiara, etc. All that "stuff" that normally makes my head spin -- without this time spent at the hospital.

Before Round 1 in the hospital, I was riding 70 miles a week on my bike. I'd lost 10 pounds since school started. I had bravely taken on a Beth Moore Bible Study at Ladies' Bible Class.

Since Round 1, I've ridden maybe three times, I've lost two more pounds, and I've completely fallen off the map at Ladies' Bible Class. I don't think anyone noticed, though. I'm thinking I wasn't there long enough for them to figure out who I am....

Caregiver Fatigue, Insert Here.

So what I do??? I Praise God for the people who have stepped into the gap to help me keep my juggling act going.

Sherrie Webb and Suzi Bruin have spent nights at my house when we were called away to the hospital -- so we didn't have to wake the girls.

The Baehrens and the Bruins have juggled cars and kids and schedules to make sure all our herd was covered.

Kay Routh showed up on my doorstep with baked chicken and carrots.

Cyndi Swords brought us lunch at the hospital -- and I ate it in ICU, even though that's against the rules. (I didn't read the sign.)

Melissa Martin worked to arrange a meal schedule for us on Round 1.

Jan and Penny have both spent long hours with Mimi, especially doing "shopping therapy."

Julie Long put the most incredible pot roast ever in my crockpot in my kitchen -- and cake balls in the freezer. Not to mention the Ghirardelli brownies or the bajillions of cake balls she's made since. When my life goes haywire, Julie makes cake balls. That's a friend.

Biggs threw me the coolest 40th birthday party ever last week. If I'd known it was the calm before the storm, I would have had a second margarita.

My family offered love and hugs and good wishes when we had to cut our Thanksgiving holiday short to come home to Houston.

Many, many of you have prayed for us, left us facebook posts, and loved on us.

So what lesson can you gain from this?

When you have a loved one in the hospital, especially for an extended time, it's easy to get worn-down. And it's so very important for your friends to lift you up. I know that I'm not the easiest person in the world to help, and I know that more often than not you pretty much have to force that help on me, but I do need it. And I do appreciate it. More than you'll ever know.

People "just like me" are all around you. They're in your church. They're in your neighborhood. They work with you. They're the people who are trying like heck to juggle their lives, while helping take care of this whole other situtation on the side.

So this Christmas, I challenge you to look around for those people in your realm who are juggling just a bit more than that average bear. Look to see who could use a pot roast or a chai latte from Starbucks. Look to see who might need little bit of extra help.

You don't have to look far, and you don't have to do much, but you'll be amazed at the impact you can have!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cinnamon, Sugar, Sprinkles Galore!!!

Hello Friends!

I host a Cookie Exchange each December (this is the 11th Annual), and I invite everyone I know!

Wednesday, December 8
7:00 p.m.
La Casa Biggs

Here's the scoop: Bring at least 3 to 6 dozen cookies or pieces of homemade candy with each 1/2 dozen in a separate plastic bag. One bag of cookies will go into the "tasting party" and the others will go into the exchange. You'll go home with the number of cookies you brought -- minus 1/2 dozen.

Now... We're talking homemade cookies or candy here. If the only kind you know how to make is chocolate chip, then by all means, bring those. But let's try to have a good variety!

(Once you know what you're baking, please let me know, so I can update the Evite. It really helps make sure we have a diverse assortment of cookies!)

Please feel free to bring your cuddly babies, moms, aunts, sisters, friends, neighbors etc. -- just no toddlers / kids who are old enough to climb our stairs!

If you're baking-impaired and want to just come and visit, you're welcome to join us!

If you have any questions, just give me a call.

Can't wait to see ya'll!


The cookies coming so far include:
Honey Bars

I'm Here....

SO many great things are happening....

1. Amazon just replaced my Kindle free of charge, even though the warranty is expired.

2. My Honey is whisking me away to a secret locale before the year is up. One that involves Frequent Flyer Miles. Gotta Love it.

3. My Cookie Exchange is scheduled for Wednesday, December 8. Can't wait!!!

4. Nutcracker Market ROCKED yesterday!

5. PT / Shopping Therapy with Mimi is way too much fun!!!!

6. This year's 3-Day was The! Best! Ever!!!!!

7. Team Tiara has raised $450,000 in five years!!!

More to come, but I've got to get a lot done today!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Princess Guide: Odds and Ends

Here are a few odds and ends for this week.... More to come!!!

For Our Fans:
You can find out all about the 3-Day Cheering Stations at this link. Nothing beats a 3-Day cheering station. You REALLY should come out and be a part!

For Our Walker-Stalkers:
We are so glad you're going to be a part of this weekend!!!! Walker-stalkers are a HOOT, and we can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeves! We have Dresser T-shirts for you to wear on Friday if you want, to help us honor one of our corporate sponsors. You can get those from me at Babe's, or you can get them on the route on Friday from Kelley Blake driving the Boobie Mobile (black Expedition.)

You will want to bring an ice chest if possible. We will stock it with caffeine and a few other necessities. And we have a few treats planned for YOU!

You might want to bring: Sidewalk chalk, costumes, boas, noise makers, etc. Anything fun!

For Team Tiara:
Babe's: Your family and friends are welcome to join us at Babe's! If you're bringing "goodies" for the Goodie Bag Swap, here's how we're going to do it.

Please bring your "goodies" in a gift bag or tote bag that can easily be passed around the room. Suzi Bruin is providing the take-home bags for everyone on our team. We'll pass those out first. Then, we'll pass the gift bags around. We'll "stagger" those around the room to help prevent bottlenecks.

Please try to make sure at least one "veteran" is at each table to help answer questions. And "veterans," pelase wear a Victory shirt.

Have your cash ready when you get there, so you can pay for your dinner as Andi and Patty check you in.

Credentials -- Print out those credentials! If you have a credential holder from last year, bring it. If not, you'll get one at Opening Ceremonies. It's always a great idea to have a cool lanyard to hang your credentials on.

Luggage -- This year we are encouraging you to put all or most of your luggage on the luggage trucks at Opening Ceremonies. This is the easiest and best way to make sure your luggage arrives at camp before you do. If you're lucky, the tent fairies may even bring your luggage to your little home away from home! We can still leave the random pillow or whatever in our support vehicles, but this really is the best way to manage it all.

If you want the tent fairies to have any chance of delivering YOUR luggage to YOUR tent, please label it clearly with your name and tent number. AND make sure it has wheels.

Decorating Your Tent -- You can decorate your tent however you want! If you want an easy idea, pick up 1 1/4 yards of animal print fabric at Hobby Lobby. You'll drape that over the top of your tent and secure it with binder clips. This is a great way to go with our "Wild" theme for 2010 -- and a great way to distinguish your tent. Suzi and I are using zebra stripe for ours.

Friday Night -- Change of Plans: Plan to wear your 5-Year Celebration Shirt to diner on Friday night! Team Tiara will be recognized at Camp Program! Be in the Dining Tent at 7:00 p.m.!!!!

Saturday Night -- Change of Plans: Saturday night we'll wear shirts from Dresser, one of our corporate sponsors. We'll need to get a picture made with our shirts on as a group. These shirts are short sleeved, so you'll want to bring something to layer under them. We have a mix of pink and black. If you're at Babe's, I'll have the shirts there. That way you can go ahead and get them in your luggage.

Meals -- We're planning to have the Abby Caddaby balloon at the meal tent, so it'll be easy for you to find where we're all sitting. So look for Abby the Fairy.

Feet "Spa" -- Last year, I found the GREATEST trick. Pack four large Ziploc bags with Epsom salts in each bag. Like maybe half a cup in each. When you go to the showers, take those with you. Right before you get out, fill them with the hottest water possible then seal them up. When you get back to your tent, soak your feet. It rocks.

Speaking of Showers -- Bring shower shoes! Last year, some chick pee'd in the shower. Blech! And don't forget to take your credentials to the showers. No credentials -- no towel service.

Color of the Day -- Remember, Friday is Turquoise, Saturday is Pink & Brown, and Sunday is Hot Pink & Black.

You've Got the Power! -- Don't forget to bring batteries / chargers for your phone, camera and other other "stuff" you use. You'll be able to use the phone chargers in our support vehicles. There will also be a charging station sponsored by Energizer in camp. Please note: Any chargers used in our cars will need to be labeled clearly with your name.

Transportation To / From Dallas -- Please shoot me an email if you have extra space in your car, or if you need a ride. Include what time you can leave. If anyone is coming through Ft. Worth, Kim Pease really needs a ride over to Dallas.

Hotel Thursday Night -- Please shoot me an email if you have extra space in your hotel room, or if you need a room for Thursday.

Power Walkers -- If you have raised over $3200 -- all under your name or split with other walkers -- please let me know by end of day Tuesday! Thank you!

Let's Talk About Next Year -- Registration is already open for 2011. You can register at Use the discount code CURE2011 to save $35 off your registration through November 23. If you're walking this year and register by the time we leave camp on Sunday, you'll get a "3-Peat" Legacy Pin!!!

You don't have to walk! You can always CREW!!! CREW Members ROCK -- and don't have to raise the $2300!!!! However, CREW fills up really quickly -- so register soon if that's what you want to do!

I'm adding a second walk for 2011. Right now, I'm looking at DC in October. If you'd like to join me on that adventure, please let me know. One caveat: If you find it difficult to raise $2300, please don't take on $4600. We will not be doing "Team Fundraising" for the additional walk. Basically, I'm just inviting you to join me on my vacation. My Team Mom hat will not be in my luggage.

Don't Forget your Sports Bras!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! -- Help eliminate trash in camp, and keep your cocoa really warm by bringing your own reusable mug. Mine's the Aladdin kind -- warms your hands while you warm your tummy! Also, don't forget to bring your own water bottle. The 3-Day does not supply water bottles.

Bring Breakfast for Friday A.M. -- The 3-Day does not provide breakfast for Friday a.m., and the hotel breakfast bar will not be open. When you check in, you can ask them for "Breakfast in a sack." However, it's a good idea to pack a granola bar or whatever that you can eat for breakfast. When you get up at 4-something a.m., it's a long ways to lunch.

More to come!

The Princess Guide: I'm asking for just one more week.....

"Pink-tober" is about to come to an end, and while it's been a good run, we're not done.

I know many of you are ready for the pink to fade, and you'd just as soon move right on into red and green. I know my friend Ann is looking forward to wearing red in November. And of course, my favorite color for fall is MAROON. But...

I'm asking you to hang in there with me one more week. I'm asking you to stretch Breast Cancer Awareness out just a bit. I'm asking you to stay "In the Pink" for just one more week.

One more week -- surely you can handle that, right??

Here's the deal. If you can hang in there with me just one more week, your pink will stand out all the more against all the colors of fall. You will have an opportunity to tell friends and colleagues that you're supporting this crazy chick from Fluvanna who walks and walks and walks to find a CURE.

If you hang in there with me one more week, you'll help reinforce the idea that breast cancer awareness isn't just about wearing pink in October -- it's about finding a CURE so that Ann and Susan and Susan and Bridgette and Saralyn and Sherry and Cheri and Ken and Melissa and Linda and Elva and all the rest in a way-too-long list of Survivors will be able to enjoy the fall colors for many years to come.

If you hang in there with me one more week, you'll have opportunities to send your friends to or where they can learn about Team Tiara and this crazy adventure we're on -- and make a donation for a CURE.

I'm just asking you to hang in there with me one more week. To wear pink every day through next Sunday. To stand up and stand out for a CURE. Will you help???

Last week, I asked you to help me help 19 team members reach the $1800 mark in their fundraising. This week, we're going to shoot for $2000. The walkers who need your help include:

Christine Adams
Amber Biggs
Victoria Blalock
Kristine Fiala
Lauren Gresslin
Heidi Draehn
Taunda Jenkins
Krista Liller
Pam McGuire
Amy Newberry
Cissa Newberry
Janis Pace
Janice Riley
Chris Roggeman
Cyndi Swords
Sherrie Webb

We have made incredible progress -- raising over $17,000 in the last three weeks. BUT we still have a long ways to go!

So please stay "In the Pink" with us. Share with your friends and family what we're doing. And don't forget to pray for us this week!!!

Big Hugs,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Princess Guide: Only 11 More Days!!!


The 3-Day is just 11 days away. And I am NOT ready. The last two weeks have been exhausting. I'm less prepared than I've ever been. BUT.... I'm so ready to walk. If they'd let me go on up there and just hang out at camp with my little pink tent, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

BUT.... That's not the way this works. We've got 11 days to go and funds still need to be raised. Last week our goal was to get 19 team members to the $1500 mark -- to have everyone who is committed to walking, no matter what, at the $1500 mark -- or higher.

We kinda fell short of our goal, but that's okay. This week's goal is to get these 24 walkers to the $1800 mark by next Sunday. Remember, each of these walkers has made a commitment that they will raise $2300 -- or they will self-donate the balance.

To help any of these walkers with their fundraising, click here. And then click on the one of their names!!!

Christine Adams
Kayren Babcock
Amber Biggs
Victoria Blalock
Suzi Bruin
Heidi Draehn
Kristine Fiala
Lauren Gresslin
Mindi Hamell
Taunda Jenkins
Krista Liller
Amy Martin
Melissa Martin
Kori McEwen
Limayra Melendez
Amy Newberry
Cissa Newberry
Janis Pace
Janice Riley
Chris Roggeman
Kay Routh
Cyndi Swords
Sherrie Webb

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Can't.....

... Even begin to process the last few days. Much less blog about them. If you're not "up to speed," just keep us in your prayers. That's about all I can convey right now.

If you really want to let me know you love me, please send me some mail while I'm on the 3-Day!

Mail is the BEST at the 3-Day to inspire us to keep walking those 60 miles!!! Mail will be delivered to us while at the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure event. Cards and letters must be postmarked by October 25th. Send mail to:

3-Day for the Cure PO
ATTN: D'Lyn Biggs
P.O. Box 6244
McKinney, TX 75071-6244

(Please note: My name is spelled "D'Lyn." Not Dlyn, Dylan, DLyn, D'Lynne, or Damn.)

You can send mail to all your other favorite 3-Day walkers as well!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Princess Guide: This Week's Goal

Hi ya'll,
Last week our goal was to get 19 team members to the $1300 mark -- to have everyone who is committed to walking, no matter what, at the $1300 mark -- or higher.

Well..... We didn't quite get there. BUT without goals, you don't get anywhere, right? So.... Here we go with another goal.

Let's see if we can get these 19 walkers to the $1500 mark by next Sunday. Remember, each of these walkers has made a commitment that they will raise $2300 -- or they will self-donate the balance.

Now, I like the way my friend Cyndi Swords puts it. "I know I'm going to have to self-donate. I just need your help to make sure it's as little as possible."

To help any of these walkers with their fundraising, click here. And then click on the one of their names!!!

Christine Adams
Kayren Babcock
Amber Biggs
Victoria Blalock
Kristine Fiala
Lauren Gresslin
Mindi Hamell
Taunda Jenkins
Krista Liller
Amy Martin
Melissa Martin
Amy Newberry
Cissa Newberry
Janis Pace
Kimberly Pease
Janice Riley
Kay Routh
Cyndi Swords
Sherrie Webb

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Princess Guide: It Doesn't Get Much Cooler than This

Waller High School Bulldogs Seek Cure for Cancer

BY Marianne Kosik

WISD Public Information

Waller High School presented a check for $568 to the American Cancer Society “Relay for Life -Waller” and another $568 to “Team Tiara” that was collected from the sale of “Bulldogs for the Cure” t-shirts. The Waller ISD community purchased the t-shirts to be worn during the October 1st Waller High School football game which kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Waller ISD community continues to team-up to take a stance towards the fight against cancer.

A bulletin board, that highlights the top 5 contributing teams and individuals, remains displayed on the Waller High School campus and is strictly devoted to the “Relay for Life-Waller”. Waller High School has raised over $1,700 for the 2011 event so far. In addition to the two $568 contributions from the sale of the t-shirts, the Waller Wranglerettes held a “Cupcakes for the Cure” bake sale during the October 1st game which raised over $900 from the sale of the cupcakes.

This year is the 27th year anniversary of Relay for Life, the main fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The “Relay for Life” theme this year is “The American Cancer Society – The official sponsor of birthdays.” Simply put – ACS: Helps people STAY well, Helps people GET well, Finding Cures, and Fighting Back. The 2011 “Relay for Life-Waller” is planned for May 6, 2011. The Waller Relay, in its 7th year, is in the early planning stages. DeVous, the Event Chair, is currently seeking event committee members and team members. The next Relay for Life Committee Meeting will be held October 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Carl’s BBQ. A “Relay for Life-Waller” Survivor and Caregiver “Fall into Relay” Kick-off Dinner is planned for November 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of Waller Baptist Church. Last year, “Relay for Life-Waller” collected $62,000 for the fight against cancer. The goal for 2011 is $65,000.Team Tiara supports breast cancer research by participating in the 3-day, 60 mile Susan B. Komen Walk in Dallas . In the last five years, The Team Tiara raised over $370,000 for breast cancer research.

Join the committee, form a team with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, or make a generous donation and join Waller in the fight against cancer! For more information, about “Relay for Life-Waller” contact Rachel DeVous at or visit the Relay for Life Waller website at For Team Tiara information or to make a donation, visit

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Princess Guide: Giving Myself Permission

Hi ya'll,
A couple of weeks ago, my friend Holly prayed over me -- that I would be able to give myself permission to not worry about things being perfect. To not have to have everything done to a crazy level or whatever. To have the freedom to make choices.

That prayer has meant so much to me this week, of all weeks.

This week has been long. Too long. A week that started out with such promise went the other way. It's been a week that's been both emotionally and physically draining. A week when I have had to set aside a lot of things "Tiara" for time spent with friends and family.

And that has been such a blessing -- to have the freedom to do just that.

I had originally planned to tell you the story of each quilt as I put it up for auction on Ebay, but it hasn't worked out like that. I CAN tell you that the quilt I just put up is another Old Red Barn Quilt-Along quilt. If you want a quilt that combines different styles and talents -- and is beautifully quilted, this is your quilt. It's truly a masterpiece. You'll find the link here.

If you want to see the other goodies we have on Ebay, look to the right side of the listing. Under "Seller Info," there's a small line of type that reads "See other items." If you click there, it'll bring up ALL the items we have for auction -- including several Bobbie Anderson originals and a terribly cute piece of glass bra art.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Enjoy the auctions!!!
- d.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Princess Guide: She NEEDS to Walk

Morning Ya'll,

It's a crazy day around here. The Ragweed is in full force outside, and I've got three girls upstairs playing with American Girl dolls. I've got to get some work done, but first I wanted to share something with you.

Everyone who walks in the 3-Day has a story. For many of us, it really sucks to have a story -- it's not a happy one. It's not about conquering the beast -- it's a story about taking life one day at a time and doing whatever we can to make a difference.

Even if you don't think you have a story, you have a story. Maybe your story is that you've been blessed -- but you want to make a difference before time has a chance to change that.

Last week, I was blessed to do a training walk with Cyndi. Cyndi lives here in Cypress, and I really had no idea what her story was. I know that may sound crazy, but with this many people on a team, so spread out, my time to learn many of those stories is on the walk. You can cover a lot of ground -- and a lot of history -- in 60 miles.

So Cyndi and I walked, and I learned her story, and it touched my heart. You see, Cyndi is a single mom and while our stories aren't the same in that aspect, we have a lot in common.

Cyndi's Mom had breast cancer. And to honor her Mom's victory over the beast, Cyndi signed up to walk the Atlanta 3-Day in 2004 or 2005. (I'm not clear which.) Cyndi had raised all the money required to walk, and was all set to go.

Then her Mom's cancer came back --in her brain. Cyndi never had the chance to walk in that first 3-Day -- and hasn't had the chance yet to walk in her Mom's memory. As a collective group -- all four of us -- we need to help make sure Cyndi gets to walk. As a single Mom, Cyndi's challenges with this walk -- both the fundraising and logistics -- are more than most of us can imagine. BUT.... We can help make those challenges a non-issue. Right??

That's Cyndi on the far left -- this was taken on Saturday's mongo training walk. The girls walked 18 miles!

Like I said, everyone on Team Tiara has a story -- and over the next 24 (24!) days, I'll be sharing some of those with you. Most of those will be stories of first-year walkers -- those are the ones that really touch my heart.
You see, first year walkers ROCK. They're the ones that have absolutely no idea what they've gotten themselves into. They look at pictures and video and listen to the veteran walkers talk, and wonder how all that mashes together. They don't have any idea how the completion of that walk will feel -- or the celebration that comes with it. They've simply been told by a sister, friend or stranger that they must do this. They must walk.
So here's the scoop..... Last night, I suggested we all work to help 19 walkers get to the $1300 mark -- so they'd all be just $1000 short of the required amount to walk. Let's keep on that. Once we get the whole team over $1300, we'll set another goal.
BUT.... If Cyndi's story has touched your heart, and you want to keep helping her march on up to that required $2300, feel free to visit her personal fundraising page.
Thanks for all you do!
- d.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We'll Miss You, Miss Faye!

Today a sweet friend of mine went to be with Jesus. While I have no doubt her invitation to Heaven was dated today -- and she most certainly would have arrived on time -- the rest of us weren't at all aware today was HER day.

Had I known today was going to be HER day, I would have most certainly taken her picture at the soccer game a couple of weeks ago. There she sat, squeezed between Mimi and I, cheering on Erin and Abbie -- her two favorite soccer players. She LOVED my Abbie.

Had I known today was going to be HER day, I would have made sure that picture included her red hat -- which perfectly suited her character.

I didn't know then that today would be HER day, but I didn't hesitate to let her know I was glad she was there, and that I loved her, and that I wished she'd done a bit better job of brain-washing Abbie this summer. Had to razz her about that one.

Today was HER day. HER day to toss the limp that's been bothering her of late and stroll proudly through the gates of Heaven. HER day to be received by the rejoicing of angels and friends gone by. HER day.

Miss Faye, I will miss you. I'll miss your ready smile and your voice as you cheered on Erin and Abbie. Thank you for being part of our lives. You never failed to make us feel loved, and we loved you dearly in return.

The Princess Guide: Sometimes....


Things don't go as planned. For the last week, I've needed to post this picture....

... And tell you all about walking in Houston's Race for the Cure last Saturday with 30,000 of my closest friends -- including two of my very closest friends and one incredible 10-year survivor who out-walked all the rest of us.

And I've meant to post this picture.....

.... Of extremely cute headwear that Team Tiara totally needs to copy for the 3-Day.
I have succeeded in posting a quilt for sale on Ebay or my blog every day. Until today. But that's going to have to wait until tomorrow....
But there's something that can't wait for tomorrow....
I know all I do is talk 3-Day around here, but I'm guessing by now you know that's what goes on this time of year. And if you're still coming back for more, I guess I haven't run you completely off yet.
In case you aren't familiar with the 3-Day, in order to earn the opportunity to walk 60 miles in three days, sleep in a tent, and shower in a converted 18-wheeler, every walker must raise $2300.
If a walker hasn't raised $2300, he or she must commit to raising it by the first weekend in December. If the money isn't raised by then, the walkers do a self-donation.
It's the X-Games of Fundraising.
We have 19 team members who have made that commitment, but have not reached the $1300 mark. That means, if the deadline on that self-donation thing were today, each of them would have to donate more than $1000.
So Not Cool.
If you haven't donated to the 3-Day yet, please consider donating in the name of one of these walkers. Just to to and click on one of their names.
Christine Adama
Kayren Babcock
Amber Biggs
Victoria Blalock
Kristine Fiala
Lauren Gresslin
Mindi Hamell
Taunda Jenkins
Krista Liller
Amy Martin
Melissa Martin
Pam McGuire
Kori McEwen
Amy Newberry
Cissa Newberry
Janice Riley
Kay Routh
Cyndi Swords
Sherrie Webb
My goal is to help each of these walkers reach the $1300 mark by next Sunday. Can you help?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Princess Guide: "Pink Fairy Tales"

"Pink Fairy Tales" is Team Tiara's Quilt of the Day!

Created by the Old Red Barn Quilt-Along. When we asked Dana Bolyard if she would make a quilt for Simply Pink, she recruited 53 quilters from around the world to pitch in. The result is an astounding five pink quilts! "Pink Fairy Tales" was pieced by seven of those quilters and beautifully quilted by Dolores Goodson, whose mother and mother-in-law are both survivors!

This quilt measures 46.5" x 58.5".

It is machine-pieced and machine-quilted.

You'll find it on Ebay!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Princess Guide: "Three Sisters"

"Three Sisters" is available for auction on Ebay!

Our December 2010 "Calendar Girl," Three Sisters was created by Connie Suarez, Henrietta Rothman and Linda Hill. This is one of three identical quilts designed by the owners of Quiltworks in Cypress, Texas. These three women know all too well the price of breast cancer. Their mother, Alicia Garza, is a 20-year breast cancer survivor! Their Aunt Olga is also a survivor, but their Aunt Petra lost her battle with breast cancer.

This quilt measures 39.5" x 40". You can bid on it here.

The Princess Guide: "You Knew Me When" Wednesday!

It's "You Knew Me When" Wednesday! If you knew me in the days of Kingwood, Bammel, BRCCSYP, Relay for Life, Softball, No Love, Metro, Temik, Prep, Gibbs & Soell, Our Engagement, Our Wedding.... Then you knew me the first time we lived in Houston. Today is your day to donate to the 3-Day for the CURE!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Princess Guide: Wednesday's Simply Pink Quilt

Hello Gang!
Wednesday's Simply Pink quilt is already listed!

We're going to give Ebay a shot for this one. Just trying to figure out what works best for us!

Take a look!

The Princess Guide: "Warm with Love"

"Warm with Love" was made by Judy Riegert, from Oklahoma. Judy lost her grandmother, Anna Coddington, 24 years ago to breast cancer. She created this quilt in memory of her grandmother and in honor of Mindi Hamell, a Team Tiara walker. Mindi walks in memory of her friend Staci McAuley.

"Warm with Love" measures 62" x 64". It is machine pieced, and is quilted all over with a heart shaped paattern. The pattern is a Log Cabin pattern. Having made a few log cabin quilts, I can tell you that this is not the easiest pattern in the world to follow. Judy did a fantastic job. This is one of those quilts that would be LOVELY to snuggle under.

Hazy Daisy was our model for this quilt. Many thanks to Linda Weld, with Pecan Acre Kennels in Chapel Hill for letting us play with Hazy Daisy and her friends!

As you can tell, Hazy Daisy was full of energy!

To bid, please enter your name and bid amount as a comment. Bidding for this quilt will close at 5:00 p.m. CST on Wednesday. Opening bid for this "Warm with Love" quilt is $100.
At that time, I will post a note for the winning bidder to contact me. You will have 24 hours to contact me. If not, we will move to the 2nd place bidder.

Please increase bids in increments of $5 or more.

If you are bidding, please check for updates after the bids close. If you have any questions, you can contact me at dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net.
Happy Bidding!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Princess Guide: Team Tiara's 5-Year Celebration Shirts!

Oh my goodness!

Only 31 days till Team Tiara gets to meet up at Babe's Chicken! (And go on the walk. But it's really the Babe's Chicken I'm looking forward to!)

I've been working with our T-shirt guy to do some Celebration Shirts for the walk. These are completely optional, but if you do order one, we'll wear them on Saturday night to dinner. If we have a bunch of us who match, it's easier to find our friends.

In the interest of simplicity, we are only going to have two choices. Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve. To make sure we all know what size to order, I'm going to tell you now.... These shirts will fit like the "fitted" shirts we ordered last spring. Not so fitted. If you know me, I'm ordering a Medium.

You can view the designs (front & back) at these two links:

Now... Here is the straight skinny....

1. You don't have to be a team member to order a shirt. We know you'll all want one, so go right ahead and order you up one. Or 12.

2. I need your ORDERS by this FRIDAY. You will not get shirts if I get your order after Friday. If you are interested in shirts, please EMAIL me at dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net and I'll shoot you an order form.

3. I need your money ASAP. If you're local, you can drop it by my house. If you're from out of town, there's an address on the order form. No money -- no shirts.

4. Feel free to order shirts for your Grandma, six kids and next door neighbor.

5. Please forward to anyone who is doing the walker-stalker thing in Dallas.

6. To make things easier, we are keeping the prices in nice, round numbers on these shirts. Any "profits" will be used for to supply our support vehicles with Dr. Pepper, chocolate and whatever else we need to have.

Please let me know if you have questions!!!

Love ya!
- d.

The Princess Guide: And We're Off!

I'll post more about Team Tiara's Gala in a bit, but I will tell you it was incredible.

Seven of "The Girls" were sold at auction -- and found wonderful new homes. Throughout the month of October we will be selling the rest of the quilts at auction -- Starting Today!!

In an effort to avoid the fees associated with online auction services, we're going to sell these quilts via Facebook and Meanderings of a 3-Day Mom. Please help us by forwarding the links to anyone and everyone you think might be interested!

This first quilt is such a sweet one. It's a "hand-tied" quilt and would make such a sweet baby quilt or throw. It has a pink all-over pattern, and the words "Faith, Hope and Charity" printed throughout the fabric. It measures 43" x 44". Opening bid for this quilt is $25.

Comments have been "opened" for easier bidding. To bid, please enter your name and bid amount as a comment. Bidding for this quilt will close at 5:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday. At that time, I will post a note for the winning bidder to contact me. You will have 24 hours to contact me. If not, we will move to the 2nd place bidder.
Please increase bids in increments of $5 or more.
If you are bidding, please check for updates after the bids close. If you have any questions, you can contact me at dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net.
Happy Bidding!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Princess Guide: Turning the World Pink

From Komen:

Today is the day we ask people from around the globe to make a promise to take action against breast cancer — all through social media. This global effort starts with all of us, posting to our Facebook and Twitter profiles, and then asking your friends and family to do the same - a viral day, if you will.

How does it work? Starting today, September 30, at midnight (EDT) until midnight October 1, we are kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by asking YOU to visit On the website, take action and update your Facebook/Twitter statuses or blog using the hashtag #fightbreastcancer.

What is a “hashtag”? Hashtags allow you to quickly identify special topics, and help spread information while organizing and making it searchable within social media.

Why 69 seconds? Because that’s how often a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world. A statistic we’re trying to change.

What’s the goal? We want to mobilize millions to take 69 seconds to #fightbreastcancer AND break the Guinness World Record for Most Widespread Social Network Message in 24 Hours.

How can you join the fight?

1. Visit and take action!

2. Change your Facebook and/or Twitter status to one of the following:

· Every 69 seconds, a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world. #fightbreastcancer at

· Today is not about raising funds. It’s about raising virtual voices around the world to take action in 69 seconds or less. Visit, post #fightbreastcancer to Facebook and Twitter or blog about it before midnight and help turn the virtual world pink. How do you promise to #fightbreastcancer?

3. Use #fightbreastcancer in your statuses pertaining to breast cancer, Komen or Breast Cancer Awareness Month several times during the day!

4. And lastly, make your Facebook posts public for the day. Facebook recently overhauled their privacy controls for personal profiles which could potentially compromise our Guinness World Record. In order to be considered eligible for our attempt, your status must be open to the public. Here are instructions to help you make your status public:

o In Facebook, click on “Account” in the top right corner

o Scroll and select “Privacy Settings” in the drop down menu

o Under “Sharing on Facebook,” select “Customize Settings”

o Under “Things I Share,” select the drop down menu next to “Posts by me”

o Select “Everyone”

o Your status updates are now public

· After midnight (EDT) October 1st, please be sure to change your privacy settings back to where you had them as we don’t want to compromise your privacy.

It costs nothing and takes just a minute of your time – or maybe 69 seconds. So blog about it, post it, tweet it, retweet it, use it in all your statuses and urge everyone you know to do the same.

May blessings shower down on you today as we turn the Internet Pink for a CURE!!

Big Hugs,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Princess Guide: "You Knew Me When" Wednesday

It's that time again!!!

"You Knew Me When" Wednesday.... If you knew me in the days of SOAR, AFC, Sadie Hawkins, Denim & Diamonds, The Hall, Thread the Needle, Midnight Yell, BTHOB, Farmers Fight, Elephant Walk, Taco Cabana, Reveille, Gumby's Double Dammit, 12th Man, Double Dave's Pizza Rolls, Kleberg, Saddle & Sirloin, Dunking my Ring, ACT, AGJR, "I've got a story for ya, Ags," The Bench, Tuesday Night Devos, Neeley Knockouts, Weeklongs, Weekend Trips, 42, Spades, Camp Hensel, Wild West Tour, Cotton Bowls, BBQ Class, Big Hair, HLS&R, Texas 4-H Center, Aerials, Rockies, Ski Cooper, KC Ballroom, George Strait (Oh wait! That one's Timeless!), WHOOP! -- This is your day to make a donation to the Breast Cancer 3-Day! It means you knew me at A&M! If you knew me then, I ask you to go to my home page to see why I walk 60 miles in 3 Days: And don't forget to make a donation!

Now... What did I leave off???

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Princess Guide: "Sassy Pink"

This quilt is one of my favorites. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it!!! Every time!

I don't have a lot of pictures of this quilt -- mainly because I took the above picture very early on, and fell in love with it -- lock, stock & barrel. No need to take more pictures -- I had the one I needed.

Caren Cruse, from the Holy Land (Aggieland, USA for those of you not "in the know") created this quilt. Caren's quilt was created in honor of friends who have had breast cancer and survived! This beautiful piece of art was also inspired by memories of friends lost to other types of cancer.

This quilt measures 52.5" x 68". Starting bid is $100. If you'd like to place an advance bid, you can send me an email to dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net Please specify which quilt you are bidding on.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Princess Guide: "Support"

Unfortunately, Deb Jones knows the price of breast cancer more than most people. Deb, a teacher at Keith, jumped right into making this beautiful quilt. It's machine-pieced and hand-quilted. It's one of those that you have to see to believe.

"Support" was our May 2011 Calendar Girl. The caption reads: "Support" Created by Deb Jones, Cypress, Texas. She says,"I never knew my maternal grandmother because she died of breast cancer. I lost a mother-in-law to breast cancer in the early 1980's, and I have a sister who was recently treated for ovarian cancer. I am calling this quilt "support" for all the daughters, sisters and friends who provide support for those they love. This quilt by far has been the most important quilt I have made. The women I honor with the quilt are survivors because of support and research paid for by tireless volunteers."

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun taking pictures of "Support."

If you'd like to place an advance bid on this quilt, please send an email to Please specify which quilt you are bidding on. Remember, the only way for you to guarantee you go home with your favorite quilt is for you to be present at the auction! Tickets are still available for our Gala -- and can be purchased at

This quilt measures 54" x 54.5". The opening bid is $100.

Our calendar picture:

This picture reminds makes me think of ET covered with a quilt:

These quilts all have such great personalities! I had the best time posing them!

Hanging out with a few of her friends on an old fish-cleaning table. (That hadn't been used in FOREVER!):

See what we had to contend with on our photo shoots? This brute has way too much fun at the Creek.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Princess Guide: "Courage"

I'm sure you've guessed this already, but it's not the Gala or the Calendar or anything else that makes these quilts special. It's the other way around....

The stories behind these quilts will make you laugh, and they'll break your hearts. It's the stories behind the quilts that make the Calendar and the Gala and everything far more than they ever could be otherwise.

The story behind our "Courage" quilt is so much more than we shared in the Simply Pink calendar. This quilt is the October 2011 "Calendar Girl" and that's just great.

We wrote: "Courage" Created by Hope Heaton and Rhonda Ward. This quilt features Rhonda's beautiful embroidery and her faith that we will find a cure. Rhonda is currently in treatment for breast cancer and proud to be called a Survivor.

What we didn't write? Before we did the calendar, I had no idea who Hope Heaton was. I had no idea how precious her friendship would become. I had no idea that Hope would be one of the biggest champions of our calendar.

Last spring, Hope opened Nana Bear's Notions -- a quilt shop on the Square in Snyder. This woman, with a fledgling business and a heart the size of Houston, has regularly closed her shop to take Rhonda to Lubbock for chemo. I want to be like that. I want to be the kind of woman who sets the unimportant aside for unselfish acts of service. I want to be like Hope.

If this story, and quilt, have touched your heart, and you'd like to make an advance bid, you can send that to me at dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net. The quilt measures 53.25" x 54".

This is the picture of "Courage" that we used for the calendar:

And these are some of the outtakes:

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Princess Guide: Aunt Betty

"Aunt Betty" is the next quilt I'm going to profile. I LOVE this quilt. You can't really tell by the pictures, but this would be the perfect quilt to snuggle under during the winter. It's a very heavy quilt. And it's completely different from any other in our collection.

"Aunt Betty" was created by Jacklynn Bodungen of Katy, Texas. She says, "I made this quilt to honor a very special person in my life, my good friend and neighbor, Devon. Devon's Aunt Betty is currently waging a courageous battle against breast cancer. I lovingly chose the backing for its words of strength -- Hope, Faith, Love and Charity."

In the Simply Pink quilt calendar, "Aunt Betty" was the November 2011 quilt. This quilt measures 48" x 52". Opening Bid is $100.

If you'd like to place a pre-bid on this quilt, please email me at dlyn (at) teamtiara (dot) net. Be sure to list "Aunt Betty" as the quilt you are bidding on. Remember, the only way you can guarantee you win this auction is to be present at Team Tiara's Gala on October 2. Details can be found at