Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Missed Me! You Missed Me! Now You Gotta Kiss Me!

Okay. I know. BlogHer should give away a "World's Worst Blogger" award -- I'd be right in line.

I've been gone as a girl can get. I've had so many things I needed to write about, so many thoughts rattling around in my brain, that I couldn't wade through the muck enough to make that happen.

I have things going on in my life and around my life that just don't belong in the outside world. Not even for me.

But here's a glimpse....

I think it's ludicrous that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.

I wonder how many people who voted for Obama now regret that decision.

My dear mother-in-law deserves a big, huge pat on the back for meeting some significant goals and making some great triumphs in her life in the last few months. I ask that you praise her if you know her and pray for her even if you don't. I love her, I'm proud of her, and I'm basking in God's great goodness for her.

My sweet friend Ruthie is here in Houston visiting the Berzynski Clinic for treatment of her cancer. She still has a tumor the size of a honeydew melon, but yesterday they gave her one bright, gleaming hope. Just one -- that's all she needed. She now has a new lease on life and knows she's found a great place for treatment. What they do there is pretty neat -- treating cancer from the ground up -- not just attacking it with chemo. Just keep praying for her.

When you're not ready to air all your dirty laundry via the web, it's kinda difficult to know what to write. But what I can say is that I need your prayers for wisdom, judgement, and for God to give me the words I need to express what I need to. For those words to fall on open ears and a clean mind and to be taken to heart. And for action to follow.

Team Tiara already has 37 team members signed up for 2010. How cool is that??? We're about to close out 2009 with right at $100,000 raised. AND now we've got a huge start on '10!! So excited!

Yesterday was Volcano Day at school. It's pretty darn cool what you can accomplish with a 2-liter of Big Red and a pack of Mentos. Don't think I've seen that much fun in a while!

Last night was my annual cookie exchange.... Houseful of fun friends who REALLY know how to bake. Now to keep from gaining 20 lbs. between now and New Year's.

My Grandma went to be with Momma and Jesus last week. That was a story in itself. I pulled the girls out of school to go home for the funeral and the weekend. I waited to leave until 3:00, so Abs wouldn't miss her field trip. Well.... With an 8-hour drive north, that put us at the house at 11:00. The girls had gone quite willingly because while snow was a "maybe" for Houston, it was a "certainly" for West Texas. Ummmm..... We arrived with flakes falling and woke up to a dusting that looked like you had sprinkled a single snow cone over the entire home place. Strike one.

When they dug Grandma's grave, apparently someone had beat her to it. There was an unmarked grave there, with a pine box parked in her "spot." Even funnier was the fact that Grandma used to run the cemetary -- and had assigned herself that spot. So.... They quickly covered John Doe back up and buried Grandma a ways away.

The Obituary in the paper wasn't my favorite of all time, I have to say. You see, my Mom's Mom, my Grannie Herring, died in a car wreck when Momma was in college. So I never knew her. Before I was born, my Grandad married my Grandma. She was the only Grandma I ever had. And while most of the cousins called her Laverne, I called her Grandma.

In the paper, a big deal was made out of who were the "steps" and who was the "special" and we were all listed as step-grandchildren. I never thought of myself as such, and I have to admit I felt like I'd been demoted. Grandma didn't think of me that way, either. But such is life.

So... I know this is an insanely jumpy posting, but you're gonna have to deal with it.

Early Friday morning (before the funeral), I talked to Biggsy, who informed me that it was "snowing in Houston; expected to snow through the night; 3-6 inches by morning." Being as I'd already flunked the snow thing once, I decided to skip Saturday's football game and rush home to the snow. We left right after the burial, and made it to Gatesville about the time it stopped snowing in Houston. That's right. Strike two. The girls were PEEVED.

So... Saturday morning we got up and went to the Natural History Museum for Snow Day! The girls had a GREAT time. Mom had a GREAT time. AND Abbie got to pet a real, live reindeer that Santa brought with him. Santa wasn't so happy about that -- apparently the reindeer is hands-off. If Santa really knew my Abbie-girl, he would have known she wasn't going to hesitate to love on that reindeer.

If you're one of those people who has never seen a 6-Man Football game, or you're one of those people who loves 6-Man, this weekend is your chance to see a REALLY great game! My high school, Borden County, is playing Highland in the 6-Man State Championship. It's at Shotwell Stadium in Abilene on Saturday at 2:00. Highland is the school where Carla teaches and Callie cheers. Our family is also well-represented on the BHS side where Jon plays football. It's kinda crazy to think of Callie cheering against Jon. This really should be a fantastic game. Both teams are 14-0 and have 45'd many, many opponents along the way. BHS won their state semi-final game on Saturday 50-0 at the start of the 3rd quarter.

So that's what's been going on here. Hope you enjoyed the update!


Kayren said...

you so did not tell me about having to find another spot- that is nutty! I like your random posts- its a great representation of your goings on!

Tracye said...

So sorry to read about your Grandma. You continue to be in my thoughts & prayers.