Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Child.

This Child now knows the value of a Chi. She now knows she can achieve the straight hair she has always wanted -- in just a matter of minutes.
This Child is growing up.
And as she does that, God is sending people my way who let me know that she is truly a Child of His.
Today a para from the Lifeskills class sat across from me from lunch. She shared with me how much she loves Abbie because This Child plays with her friends during recess. When she could be running all over the playground or hanging out with her other friends, Abbie chooses to entertain a few very special people. And this isn't news.... In Kindergarten she often chose to play with a little boy named Lionel who was in a walker.
This Child is truly a Child of God. I love it that she loves Jesus and lets that love shine!!!

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Kayren said...

What a sweet post! She looks beautiful- love that new cut!