Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas from Jake!

Merry Christmas from Jake!

Howdy Y’all! This is Jake. I’m back! After my Christmas Card-writing Debut, I decided I like all this attention. So here goes…

2009 started off with a bang and lots of fireworks at the Baehren house. Aunt A’Lise met us at the Creek. She caught a fish; Kait fell in. John had business trips to China, Russia, the Netherlands, Argentina, South Korea, Buffalo, Dallas and a few points in between. Buc-ee’s moved into the neighborhood, and the girls have kept their Icee machine in business. I dug a lot of holes in the backyard. Kait on American Idol’s Bikini Girl: That number was probably taped to her, because if it was stapled it would have hurt! Aunt M’Lys and Aunt A’Lise joined us for Spring Break at the Creek. I chased jet-skis up and down all day long. Kait fell out of a tree and gashed her arm. One hair-raising drive and 17 stitches later, we breathed a sigh of relief over the realization of how very close it came to being a really big deal. The Scott family came to town, and Kait lost her first tooth! Overheard in Biggsville… Abbie: Kaitlyn, you’re really not that smart. Kait: Yes I am! Just ask me a question. Abbie: What’s 1000 plus 400? Kait: Okay. Another question. Abbie & Kait took gymnastics. I jumped on the trampoline. “That man did nothing but spread love.” Pa got a yellow lab puppy named Boomer, and we all fell in love immediately. We spent lots of time with the Owen kids and enjoyed introducing them to some of our favorite places. The Keith Kuties took the Pink Limo to Sub Training. We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Creek with the Bruins. D’Lyn got the Meatless Whataburger. Abbie: Kaitlyn thinks all the boys in her class are in love with her. Kait: No. Just three. Abbie’s 7-8 Girls’ Softball team, the Flames, only won one game all season – and then won the tournament! We wrapped Coach Scott’s house! Kait’s SweeTees T-ball team, also the Flames, were undefeated! Abbie made All-Stars, and then caught H1N1 the week of the Big Game. Hoedown Throwdown! We spent our vacation at the Creek. I chased jet-skis up and down all day. The girls caught redfish, trout, hardheads and sharks! They saw dolphins! My peeps went to Rockport with the Baehrens. They loved the Texas State Aquarium, and they saw George Strait’s house! Abbie & Kait went to soccer camp. John & D’Lyn spent a great day on Matagorda Bay with Captain Gene. D’Lyn out-fished John! I barked all night. John bought me my very own jet-ski to chase! The first time we took it out, somehow a plastic hose from a gas can “landed” in the tank. The second time we took it out, D’Lyn managed to run over the tow rope and wrap it around the impeller. The third time, we had a HUGE thunderstorm. That jet-ski was barely in the water enough for me to chase it up and down the Creek, but it was long enough for Abbie to learn to water-ski. I’m hoping for a better spring! Kait started 1st grade, and Abbie started 3rd grade. Several dear friends met us in Fluvanna for Opening Weekend. Abbie started Destination Imagination. Abbie & Kait got the flu vaccine. That weekend, Kait got the regular flu. Two weeks later, she got H1N1. Abbie’s 7-8 Girls’ Soccer Team, the Texas Bluebonnets, was undefeated and won the division and the tournament! They wrapped our house! Kait’s 6G team was undefeated, too! D’Lyn painted the Expedition pink. She swears it was an accident, but I think it’s kinda fishy considering she is all into pink. Team Tiara walked in the Breast Cancer 3-Day for the fourth time, and raised over $100,000! 2010 is going to be their 5th year, and their goal is to have 100 walkers on their team! I escaped and didn’t get home until eight hours later. Rumor has it John was already mentally landscaping the yard, and D’Lyn had her sights on a yellow lab puppy. Soccer in the cul-de-sac every evening! It snowed in Houston! John & Abbie built a volcano that spewed Big Red several feet in the air! Abbie got her ears pierced. We’re looking forward to Christmas in Waxahachie, followed by a trip to Fluvanna. Watch out deer, here we come!

We hope you had a great 2009 and are wishing you an even
better 2010! May God Bless You!
Love, Jake & Co.

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