Monday, November 16, 2009


It's been an amazing week. When I got home from the 3-Day, I thought I'd take the week to clean up, organize, get a pedicure, maybe a massage....

Not so. I ended up subbing all last week for my friend.

There's not any place I would rather have spent my time. My role in making sure things ran smoothly for her last week was so, so very small. But I was glad to play it.

Alexa's not well yet, but they are on the right path to getting her there. Last week's cancer diagnosis was put aside on Friday, when they had exhausted the testing without finding cancer. Praise God! Now, they're working towards healing little Alexa.

I'm not teaching today -- I have a doctor's appointment of my own. BUT I'll be in her class for the rest of the week. Again, I'm glad to have a small role.

With all that's been going on, I haven't had a chance to really process last weekend. But maybe I don't need to. We're off and running for 2010. We already have 18 walkers signed up to walk with us next year. That's almost 20% of our GOAL. How cool is that?

I've spent the morning making a video with some of my pictures. I'm just about to upload it to my sidebar.... So click on over there and check it out!

Kait finished her soccer season on Saturday. The Wildcats were undefeated! Whoop!

AND we went to the Rice game on Saturay. They won! Dinner afterwards with the Lamys and most of the Ecklunds was such a treat!

Tonight, the Bluebonnets play for the Whole Enchilada. They're undefeated and have already won the regular season. If they win tonight, they clinch the tournament as well. Abbie's defensive clearing kick has been a huge factor this season, and we are so proud of that!

And that's the Rest of the Story!

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