Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Anthony Walks....

Anthony was the first guy to join Team Tiara. Those of you who have been around here awhile know he's my "Money Guy." And he's a darn fine one at that. I can't brag on his money management skills enough. As he would say, "Wowee-wow-wow."

But this isn't about the fact that my investments have exceeded my wildest dreams in this crazy economy. (That's not really how I had described the economy when I first wrote that sentence. But this is a Christian blog, and I do like to keep things family-friendly. And well, I just don't feel like going on an Obama rant tonight. BUT.... I digress. Big Time.)

Anthony is the kind of guy you wish you could live next door to. A servant's heart like few others. When Biggsy wants to spend time with Anthony hunting or whatever else, I can't push him out the door fast enough. Anthony is one of the guys I really like my Honey to hang out with.

It doesn't hurt that he cleans Cheryl's kitchen every night.

I encourage you to follow this link and see for yourself why Anthony does the 3-Day. I can't really say "why Anthony walks in the 3-Day" because that boy really marches to his own drummer when it comes to the 3-Day. He is all about service and helping others and just eating up the entire experience.

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Tracye said...

I love Anthony! We had a blast walking with him last year! He made every step more fun & wore my hot pink scarf with pride! You go man!!!!