Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Weeks from Today....

The DFW Breast Cancer 3-Day starts two weeks from today. And while I can't wait to get started, and should be bouncing off the walls with excitement, I'm not.

I'm tired. I'm really, really tired.

True confession time. As I told our team yesterday, I'm in serious need of some Isaiah 40:31 and some Philippians 3:13-14. And just about anything else you could think of to pray over me.

I've run out of steam.

Do you know what's required of the participants in the Breast Cancer 3-Day? Not only do you have to show up prepared to walk 60 miles in three days (a huge task in itself), you're also required to raise a minimum of $2300.

That would be required. It's not a suggested amount. If you don't guarantee that the 3-Day will get 2300 precious dollars from your walking, it's simple.

You. Don't. Walk.

I crossed that $2300 mark in February or March. Blessed with a posse of people who loved my Momma, and who love me, that part of the challenge was met early.

But not so for our team. Right now, we have 25 walkers who have not reached that $2300 mark. Some only need a few dollars; others need $2100.

At this point, everyone on our team is a fully-registered walker. That means they have committed to raising the $2300. If for some reason they don't have the money raised by the time we start the walk on November 6, they will have four weeks after the walk to finish their fundraising.

At that point, their credit cards will be charged for the remainder.

This is what keeps me up at night. The knowing that we have a LOT of team members that are struggling to reach that goal.

We have Poker Night at my house tomorrow night, and we have another fundraiser here on Monday. If you're inclined to come to either one of those, please do!

If not, please consider making a donation in the name of one of our struggling walkers. The ones who most need help are:

Bridget Mohrmann
Jolanda Weddle
Leslie Osborne
Anna Sullivan

Amy Martin
Caroline Juszczak
Cathie Knight
Mark Jeter

If you click on one of the names above, it should take you to their personal fundraising page. You can easily make a donation online. If you do so, a receipt will be emailed to you immediately. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you!!


hrgottlieb said...

Help your fundraising efforts by putting a free fundraising thermometer on your website.

Kayren said...

hey you know that song on you blog ipod by Hillsong- "Still"- crank that sucker up, close your eyes and let it feed your soul! Drink in the words- let it wash over you washing your worry away! As your team cheerleader- I want you to know that you are doing an amazing job! You are tired, yes, but you are one amazing, crazy walking, mamma loving team captain! Listen to that song and renew your spirit- I love you, D'Lyn!