Monday, October 12, 2009

Pink Ribbon Quilt

You know how much I love to quilt. But you may not know the whole story.

My Granny Lloyd was a quilter -- a very productive one. She made quilts for each of children and grandchildren -- not so easy when you have nine kids and some 27 or so grandkids. But she didn't stop there. Many, many other people in her life were given quilts that she had crafted with love.

I remember Granny teaching me to zigzag around the edges of fabric before she made a blouse. And I remember Granny teaching me to embroider. And I remember watching her cut out all those little quilt pieces -- long before the days of rotary cutters.

My Mom taught me to sew -- with some help from Mrs. Lewis and a few other volunteer 4-H leaders. My Mom was an amazing seamstress. She could look at a dress and go home and make it. She made all of our Easter dresses and most of our other dresses until I was about 12. She took great pride in making us "showy" shirts to show our cattle / pigs in. She made Halloween costumes and twirling uniforms and formals like you wouldn't believe.

After my Granny passed away, I started quilting. I couldn't do it without the memory of Mom's voice rattling through my head as I go. Some days I'd rather be without the "take out that seam" voice, but I love having her help as I go. When I'm making something and get stuck (which often happens with making doll clothes), I can always find my way through -- I have her to thank for that!

This year I've made a Pink Ribbon Quilt that we are auctioning on Ebay. You can find it here. The entire "purchase price" will go to the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Please help us spread the word!

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