Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh. My. Word.

I got my hair cut today.

And no, I'm not posting a picture.

At least for 5-10 weeks.

It's a haircut like none other. The "perfect" blend of two different styles.

I went to the girl I've been going to, who cut my hair perfectly the first time, then left it a little long the second time.

I attempted to explain that I didn't want it even with my chin. My chin is awfully square, and when my hair is even with it, my chin looks even more square, which makes my face look even wider and fatter than it is.

I have a bit of a complex about this.

Did I ever tell you I have great legs?

Anyways.... I attempted to explain that the ideal location for my hair to fall would be between my square chin and my shoulders. Yes, that would be the ideal location.

But something got lost in the translation, and my hair is now shorter than Kait's in the front. Without the cuteness of Kait's little 7-year-old gap-toothed smile.


But that's not all! After "the girl" had cut the right side of my hair, I think she realized what she had done. So the left side hangs a bit lower. Still not in the target range, but enough that I look lop-sided.

But that's not all! The particular style that I've had before and have absolutely loved flips up on the ends. She attempted to make my hair do that, but it's a little short for that. So it's kind of flipped up where it can. But not all over.

But that's not all! Apparently, in an effort to keep me from looking like a total dork, "the girl" left that longer-on-the-left part straight.

So here is what I have.

A haircut shorter than Kait's, without her cuteness, that's a bit lop-sided and combines two different styles -- flip and no-flip.

Oh. And no makeup on this afternoon. I look like a bad "before" picture when in reality, I'm supposed to be an "after."

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Kayren said...

Ok I have known you for many many years and I have never seen you with a bad cut ever- but you must send me a pic- you have me dying now to see it - please please please- it can't be that bad!