Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Herding Cats.

Sometimes what I do with the 3-Day seems a lot like herding cats.

That's because I'm ADD. For anyone else, this would be a breeze.

But for me, it's all craziness.

I wake up every morning and check the totals. Check what our fundraising total is. Check what's been bid on the Ebay auction. Check on Facebook to make sure all is well with this world. And dream up a challenge.

For the month of October, I'm trying to do daily challenges for our team. Some are silly. Some are a bit scary. Some are just plain fun.

ALL are geared at raising enough money for the 40 men and women on our team to walk in the 3-Day.

It's craziness.

And fun.

And stressful at times.

And it's such a sweet, sweet blessing.

This morning I came to a realization about the 3-Day. Until this year I have avoided doing fundraising events like the plague. I'd support everyone else, but I much preferred a well-planned letter campaign to doing actual events.

This year that has flown out the window. If anything we're making up for three years without events by doing so many this year.

And what I've realized is that even though our fundraising total is less this year, we're doing our jobs better. This walk isn't just supposed to be about the walk itself. And it isn't just supposed to be about the money raised. Both of those are well and good, but there's more to the story.

This walk is about raising awareness. Awareness of this beast called breast cancer. Awareness that this isn't some disease that old, rich, white chicks get. Awareness that breast cancer knows no age, gender, race or economic boundaries.

With every lemonade stand, bake sale, poker night, bunko night, wine tasting night, financial seminar, letter campaign, tennis tournament, movie night, etc... With each and every one of those we touch new people. We raise awareness.

This year hasn't been easy. Whether it's the economy or what, I don't know. But we are working hard for every single dollar we raise. And in that, we're doing a better job than we've ever done before.

If you know a Team Tiara walker, please give them a hug today. Their road has not been easy. This is a big challenge that they've taken on, and it's one that isn't over yet. But I can tell you... These men and women have a ton of heart. They're working hard to save lives. And some of them have a long way to go on the fundraising end.

I think they could use a hug.

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