Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That Linkety-Link Thing

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Hello World,

I know it seems like we're trying to accomplish the impossible here. I know you're thinking there's no way a handful of chicks and two guys can raise $88,000 in 30 days. I know you're thinking I'm smoking something over here -- and you're probably wishing you could get some of "it" whatever "it" is.

Well.... I have to tell you a secret. I've never smoked anything. Especially not the good stuff. The closest I ever came to that was chewing on some cigar for about 10 minutes a long, long time ago. And I'm pretty sure Kayren was to blame for that.

I'm not smoking anything. I'm not delusional. And trust me -- I'm not bored.

What I do know is that last year our team of 60 walkers in the Breast Cancer 3-Day raised $125,000. Looking at that, it seemed like a goal of $150,000 was perfectly achievable. Life hands you curve balls sometimes, and this year we're hanging in there with about 40 walkers.

Here's the deal. It's going to take a village to meet this goal of $150,000. And it's going to take a village to find a cure for breast cancer.

I'm from Fluvanna -- I know all about what a village can accomplish.

WE can do this, but WE need your help.

Would you please do that Linkety-Link thing and help us spread the word about this mighty fundraising effort? Would you please link to us via email and blogs and Facebook and whatever else you have at your disposal?

This. Isn't. Just. About. Me.

I know so much of this blog is. But not this.

This is about living my life without my Mom. About not being able to call her and hear her voice. Not ever again. I won't get to hear her voice EVER AGAIN. Some of you know what that's like.

Abbie's team won yet another soccer game tonight. My Mom has never seen a single one of those games.

Kaitlyn has a tooth that is just barely hanging in there. When it falls out tomorrow or the next day or the next, my Mom won't get to see those pictures. Kait won't get to call her and tell her how much money the Tooth Fairy left.

And I know that in the grand scheme of things Mom isn't missing out. She's with the angels now, seated at God's banquet table and eating off everyone else's plates. She isn't missing out.

But WE are.

This is about my friend Ann who is about to start Radiation -- as soon as she's strong enough.

It's about Mia and Liv, who have to grow up without their Mom.

It's about Chris, who lost her sister and still feels the pain of that loss weighing down on her.

Please link to my blog. Please link to the Team Tiara website. Please link to our fundraising website. Please link to a Facebook post. Please link us up somewhere.

With the way everyone is plugged into everyone they've known since the cradle, and a dubbed-over scene from that movie about Hitler can show up my Facebook page 15 times, there shouldn't be any reason why we can't reach that $150,000 goal in 30 days. There shouldn't be any reason why we can't fund the research that will find a CURE. There shouldn't be any reason my daughters will ever have to face a breast cancer diagnosis with fear.

For My Mom,


If you're ready to donate, you can click here.

If you're ready to sign up to Crew or Walk in 2010, you can click here.

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