Saturday, October 31, 2009

We're Getting There!!!

FIVE more days till we leave for the DFW Breast Cancer 3-Day!

This time next week, I'll be settling into my pink tent, praying it doesn't get too cold. I'll be tired, but I'll be elated!

We still have several team members who need help with fundraising. If you want to make a donation, you can do so here.

The team members who need help most are:
Bridget Mohrmann
Leslie Osborne
Anthony Patton
Anna Sullivan
Robin Rosa

The list is getting shorter, but we're not there yet! Thanks for all your help!
- d.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

When It Hits Home....

Last night Biggsy was in Pennsylvania, and I sat on our couch in front of the TV putting ribbons on the Tiaras I'll pass out on the 3-Day. I had planned to be in bed before 10:00, but the news came on promising updates on the weather; so I continued to work and watch.


As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, KPRC interviewed the family of a girl in Friendswood who was diagnosed at age 12.


She's 13 now, and after extensive treatment is in remission. But she was TWELVE!!! when diagnosed!

And suddenly, I was slammed by that reality.

While breast cancer at age 12 is extremely rare, it does happen. It happens to little girls who aren't anywhere near ready to deal with something so permanent. So Life-Threatening. Something that alters their bodies so completely.

At 12, they should be shopping at Justice and playing with their hair and makeup, and trying to decide if they want to call a boy or play with their American Girl Dolls. They should be in that in-between where they're not a little girl anymore, but not ready to grow up just yet.

As the mother of two adorable girls, I've known all along I'm walking for them. But I don't want to be walking for them right now. I'm not ready for that. I'm walking for them to not have to worry about breast cancer when they're 35 or 40 or 70.

We have to find a cure. It's that simple. We can't afford to just sit on our hands and do nothing. Please pray for our team. Please join our team. Please donate to our team. Please do any or all of the above. We can't do this without your help.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Day

Today is one of those crazy days where I wake up knowing I'm going to go full-tilt until I eventually pass out around 10:30 tonight. To give you a small example, a slice of what will happen today.....

I'm making a last-minute batch of cupcakes for Abbie's DI group to have as a snack today. I've got Book Fair duty from 12:30 - 3:00. Abs has DI after school. Kait has a soccer game. Kait needs to be at the fields at 5:00. I have no idea where her uniform is. I have to pick Abs up from DI at 5:15. Kait's game is at 5:30. I have one more 3-Day cape to make and a witch's cape to make for Abs for Halloween. Hopefully at some point today our 3-Day shirts will be ready at the T-shirt place. Bought a vacuum this morning because the cleaning lady broke mine. And Tracye, about what we discussed the other night. The answer is "no." I spent $8.00 but now am wondering if I trust generics. You know I'm a brand-name kind of girl.

And that is just the slightest slice of what is going on.

And mixed in with all that craziness.... The 3-Day is just 9 days away. YIKES.

If your life is crazy like mine, and you haven't gotten around to donating yet, just go HERE.

A few walkers who could really use your help are:
Cathie Knight
Amy Martin
Bridget Mohrmann
Sequoya Nelson
Leslie Osborne
Anthony Patton
Anna Sullivan
Jolanda Weddle
Robin Zeilman-Rosa

Not a one of them has hit the $2000 mark yet, and a few are pretty darn far from it!!

I'll elaborate on this later, but I have to say the generosity of some of you is leaving me very overwhelmed and on an emotional rollercoaster. Since I reach the $2300 mark and then start working on fundraising for the rest of the team, I don't always know when you donate under someone else. BUT.... From what I've heard, you are. And you're being Jesus with skin on to them. And I love you all the more for it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You've Got Mail!!!

I know this is kinda late notice, but....

We love getting mail from friends and family while we’re on the walk!

You can send letters to:

Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office
ATTN: The D'Lyn Biggs
P.O. Box 126496
Benbrook, TX 76126

Envelopes only, please. No packages containing Chocolate Chip Cookies or other such treasures are allowed — but we wish they were! Mail must be postmarked by October 27 to ensure delivery!

I'm pretty sure they'll still get to me if you mail them tomorrow. I've got "people," you know.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Weeks from Today....

The DFW Breast Cancer 3-Day starts two weeks from today. And while I can't wait to get started, and should be bouncing off the walls with excitement, I'm not.

I'm tired. I'm really, really tired.

True confession time. As I told our team yesterday, I'm in serious need of some Isaiah 40:31 and some Philippians 3:13-14. And just about anything else you could think of to pray over me.

I've run out of steam.

Do you know what's required of the participants in the Breast Cancer 3-Day? Not only do you have to show up prepared to walk 60 miles in three days (a huge task in itself), you're also required to raise a minimum of $2300.

That would be required. It's not a suggested amount. If you don't guarantee that the 3-Day will get 2300 precious dollars from your walking, it's simple.

You. Don't. Walk.

I crossed that $2300 mark in February or March. Blessed with a posse of people who loved my Momma, and who love me, that part of the challenge was met early.

But not so for our team. Right now, we have 25 walkers who have not reached that $2300 mark. Some only need a few dollars; others need $2100.

At this point, everyone on our team is a fully-registered walker. That means they have committed to raising the $2300. If for some reason they don't have the money raised by the time we start the walk on November 6, they will have four weeks after the walk to finish their fundraising.

At that point, their credit cards will be charged for the remainder.

This is what keeps me up at night. The knowing that we have a LOT of team members that are struggling to reach that goal.

We have Poker Night at my house tomorrow night, and we have another fundraiser here on Monday. If you're inclined to come to either one of those, please do!

If not, please consider making a donation in the name of one of our struggling walkers. The ones who most need help are:

Bridget Mohrmann
Jolanda Weddle
Leslie Osborne
Anna Sullivan

Amy Martin
Caroline Juszczak
Cathie Knight
Mark Jeter

If you click on one of the names above, it should take you to their personal fundraising page. You can easily make a donation online. If you do so, a receipt will be emailed to you immediately. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Chance Meeting? Or a God Thing?

I went to Mardel today to laminate the pictures of my Mom for the Tiaras I pass out on the 3-Day. We won't even discuss the trouble I was having with the laminating machine.

BUT... In the process I started talking to a woman who was looking at Sunday School curriculum. Her name was Darla, and her daughter, Kristen, died of breast cancer.

When she was 28.

That's right. 28.

With an 18-month-old son.

You can read about Kristen's battle at

If you do take that step, please look at the pictures -- she was beautiful. Read the timeline.

I don't know about you... We each have our own story. But for the last couple of years, I have felt strongly that my personal mission with the 3-Day is to spread the word near and far that breast cancer isn't your grandmother's disease. That it knows no age, gender, economic, political or social boundaries.

Kristen's story just drives that point home all the more.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Every Good Quilt Has a Story....

Every good quilt has a story -- a story it could tell if it could talk.

You've heard me talk about Team Talent -- the group Suzi and went to L.A. with. The group that was brought together and forged relationships in a way that only God could have orchestrated.

You've heard me talk about Stephanie -- our sweet Stephanie. About her story, the way she made the trip with her son David to make a memory.

You were here as I grieved for her. And you were here last spring when we lost Ed to a massive heart attack. With Steph, we were prepared. We said what we needed to say. With Ed, it came as a shock. An incomprehensible loss. So quickly. There was no time to say good-bye. No time to steel ourselves for what was coming.

When we found out about Ed's death, Suzi and I had two very different reactions -- both of which were very action-oriented. She want to Luby's and had Trout Almondine. I went to every quilt shop I could find and bought a piece of every pink fabric I could find. (Well, almost. No way was I buying the pink t.u. fabric. Ed wouldn't have wanted me to.)

From that second on, that pile of pink fabric was named "Ed" in my heart. You might think it's funny to name a pile of pink fabric Ed. If that's the case, that's because you didn't know him.

When I went to Round Top last spring, I made two quilt tops. One was to be for Sherry, Ed's bride. The other would be used to raise money for breast cancer research. To continue to fight this fight that Ed was such a big part of.

Today I went to the Quilt Festival and handed Sherry's quilt off to a friend of hers from Victoria. It's very important to me that she receive it from the hands of someone who knows and loves her.

The other quilt is up for auction on Ebay. When I handed it over to Michelle, the Queen of Ebay, we pondered what price to put on it. We started at $75.00, with hopes it would go to $100.00. We never, ever in our wildest dreams imagined it would be at $255.00 right now.

If you want to check out this Ebay Auction, you can find it right here. Every single penny we raise from this auction will go to the Breast Cancer 3-Day, benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure. That's right. The CURE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Real Men Drive Pink!

You have to check this out!

Herding Cats.

Sometimes what I do with the 3-Day seems a lot like herding cats.

That's because I'm ADD. For anyone else, this would be a breeze.

But for me, it's all craziness.

I wake up every morning and check the totals. Check what our fundraising total is. Check what's been bid on the Ebay auction. Check on Facebook to make sure all is well with this world. And dream up a challenge.

For the month of October, I'm trying to do daily challenges for our team. Some are silly. Some are a bit scary. Some are just plain fun.

ALL are geared at raising enough money for the 40 men and women on our team to walk in the 3-Day.

It's craziness.

And fun.

And stressful at times.

And it's such a sweet, sweet blessing.

This morning I came to a realization about the 3-Day. Until this year I have avoided doing fundraising events like the plague. I'd support everyone else, but I much preferred a well-planned letter campaign to doing actual events.

This year that has flown out the window. If anything we're making up for three years without events by doing so many this year.

And what I've realized is that even though our fundraising total is less this year, we're doing our jobs better. This walk isn't just supposed to be about the walk itself. And it isn't just supposed to be about the money raised. Both of those are well and good, but there's more to the story.

This walk is about raising awareness. Awareness of this beast called breast cancer. Awareness that this isn't some disease that old, rich, white chicks get. Awareness that breast cancer knows no age, gender, race or economic boundaries.

With every lemonade stand, bake sale, poker night, bunko night, wine tasting night, financial seminar, letter campaign, tennis tournament, movie night, etc... With each and every one of those we touch new people. We raise awareness.

This year hasn't been easy. Whether it's the economy or what, I don't know. But we are working hard for every single dollar we raise. And in that, we're doing a better job than we've ever done before.

If you know a Team Tiara walker, please give them a hug today. Their road has not been easy. This is a big challenge that they've taken on, and it's one that isn't over yet. But I can tell you... These men and women have a ton of heart. They're working hard to save lives. And some of them have a long way to go on the fundraising end.

I think they could use a hug.

It's Been So Long...

I could probably be classified as a "Snow Virgin" all over again!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

Check out that frog. Isn't she cute?? Even better -- she represents a HUGE fundraising opportunity for the Breast Cancer 3-Day! My "Money Guy," THE Anthony Patton has worked his magic again this year and convinced Mass Mutual to give us $5000 for the CURE!

But.... We have to earn it!

Anthony is coming to Houston on Monday, October 26, to present the Pearls of Wisdom program about Financial Education. He did this for us last year, and it was great! It's primarily geared toward women, but men are welcome too.

I promise this isn't a high-pressure thing. We just need you to come and bring your friends. We'll have door prizes. AND we'll be serving dessert!

I have to tell you.... This guy knows his stuff.

Mass Mutual will donate $20 to Team Tiara for EVERYONE who is here!

Please come!

Monday, October 26
7:30 p.m.

15802 Applerock Trail
Cypress 77433

Too Cute!

Check this out!!!

It's way too cute -- and it's going to help Save the TaTa's!

Pink Ribbon Quilt

You know how much I love to quilt. But you may not know the whole story.

My Granny Lloyd was a quilter -- a very productive one. She made quilts for each of children and grandchildren -- not so easy when you have nine kids and some 27 or so grandkids. But she didn't stop there. Many, many other people in her life were given quilts that she had crafted with love.

I remember Granny teaching me to zigzag around the edges of fabric before she made a blouse. And I remember Granny teaching me to embroider. And I remember watching her cut out all those little quilt pieces -- long before the days of rotary cutters.

My Mom taught me to sew -- with some help from Mrs. Lewis and a few other volunteer 4-H leaders. My Mom was an amazing seamstress. She could look at a dress and go home and make it. She made all of our Easter dresses and most of our other dresses until I was about 12. She took great pride in making us "showy" shirts to show our cattle / pigs in. She made Halloween costumes and twirling uniforms and formals like you wouldn't believe.

After my Granny passed away, I started quilting. I couldn't do it without the memory of Mom's voice rattling through my head as I go. Some days I'd rather be without the "take out that seam" voice, but I love having her help as I go. When I'm making something and get stuck (which often happens with making doll clothes), I can always find my way through -- I have her to thank for that!

This year I've made a Pink Ribbon Quilt that we are auctioning on Ebay. You can find it here. The entire "purchase price" will go to the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Please help us spread the word!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Look! Look! I'm Over Here!

I'm over here a lot these days. If you want to see my new haircut, you'll have to come over here, too.

The 3-Day is less than a month away. I can't wait!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh. My. Word.

I got my hair cut today.

And no, I'm not posting a picture.

At least for 5-10 weeks.

It's a haircut like none other. The "perfect" blend of two different styles.

I went to the girl I've been going to, who cut my hair perfectly the first time, then left it a little long the second time.

I attempted to explain that I didn't want it even with my chin. My chin is awfully square, and when my hair is even with it, my chin looks even more square, which makes my face look even wider and fatter than it is.

I have a bit of a complex about this.

Did I ever tell you I have great legs?

Anyways.... I attempted to explain that the ideal location for my hair to fall would be between my square chin and my shoulders. Yes, that would be the ideal location.

But something got lost in the translation, and my hair is now shorter than Kait's in the front. Without the cuteness of Kait's little 7-year-old gap-toothed smile.


But that's not all! After "the girl" had cut the right side of my hair, I think she realized what she had done. So the left side hangs a bit lower. Still not in the target range, but enough that I look lop-sided.

But that's not all! The particular style that I've had before and have absolutely loved flips up on the ends. She attempted to make my hair do that, but it's a little short for that. So it's kind of flipped up where it can. But not all over.

But that's not all! Apparently, in an effort to keep me from looking like a total dork, "the girl" left that longer-on-the-left part straight.

So here is what I have.

A haircut shorter than Kait's, without her cuteness, that's a bit lop-sided and combines two different styles -- flip and no-flip.

Oh. And no makeup on this afternoon. I look like a bad "before" picture when in reality, I'm supposed to be an "after."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That Linkety-Link Thing

** You'll want to scroll down and "pause" the music player in the sidebar before watching this video!

Hello World,

I know it seems like we're trying to accomplish the impossible here. I know you're thinking there's no way a handful of chicks and two guys can raise $88,000 in 30 days. I know you're thinking I'm smoking something over here -- and you're probably wishing you could get some of "it" whatever "it" is.

Well.... I have to tell you a secret. I've never smoked anything. Especially not the good stuff. The closest I ever came to that was chewing on some cigar for about 10 minutes a long, long time ago. And I'm pretty sure Kayren was to blame for that.

I'm not smoking anything. I'm not delusional. And trust me -- I'm not bored.

What I do know is that last year our team of 60 walkers in the Breast Cancer 3-Day raised $125,000. Looking at that, it seemed like a goal of $150,000 was perfectly achievable. Life hands you curve balls sometimes, and this year we're hanging in there with about 40 walkers.

Here's the deal. It's going to take a village to meet this goal of $150,000. And it's going to take a village to find a cure for breast cancer.

I'm from Fluvanna -- I know all about what a village can accomplish.

WE can do this, but WE need your help.

Would you please do that Linkety-Link thing and help us spread the word about this mighty fundraising effort? Would you please link to us via email and blogs and Facebook and whatever else you have at your disposal?

This. Isn't. Just. About. Me.

I know so much of this blog is. But not this.

This is about living my life without my Mom. About not being able to call her and hear her voice. Not ever again. I won't get to hear her voice EVER AGAIN. Some of you know what that's like.

Abbie's team won yet another soccer game tonight. My Mom has never seen a single one of those games.

Kaitlyn has a tooth that is just barely hanging in there. When it falls out tomorrow or the next day or the next, my Mom won't get to see those pictures. Kait won't get to call her and tell her how much money the Tooth Fairy left.

And I know that in the grand scheme of things Mom isn't missing out. She's with the angels now, seated at God's banquet table and eating off everyone else's plates. She isn't missing out.

But WE are.

This is about my friend Ann who is about to start Radiation -- as soon as she's strong enough.

It's about Mia and Liv, who have to grow up without their Mom.

It's about Chris, who lost her sister and still feels the pain of that loss weighing down on her.

Please link to my blog. Please link to the Team Tiara website. Please link to our fundraising website. Please link to a Facebook post. Please link us up somewhere.

With the way everyone is plugged into everyone they've known since the cradle, and a dubbed-over scene from that movie about Hitler can show up my Facebook page 15 times, there shouldn't be any reason why we can't reach that $150,000 goal in 30 days. There shouldn't be any reason why we can't fund the research that will find a CURE. There shouldn't be any reason my daughters will ever have to face a breast cancer diagnosis with fear.

For My Mom,


If you're ready to donate, you can click here.

If you're ready to sign up to Crew or Walk in 2010, you can click here.

Why Cissa Walks

She looks like she's about 12, doesn't she? That's our sweet Cissa. She was the lucky chick whose face was plastered all over last year -- Rachael Ray's magazine, Oprah's magazine, billboards, etc. It was CRAZY!

But not nearly as crazy as this fun friend from Oklahoma who walked the 2007 3-Day with almost no notice -- all to honor her cousin's memory.

Cissa's story is one I can't tell. It's hers. You need to read it. In her words.

You'll find it here.

And you know what? That crazy chick from Oklahoma could use some crazy fundraising help. If you'd like to donate in her name, you can do so here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why Caroline Walks...

When we walked the 3-Day in 2007, I didn't have the first clue who Caroline was. I just knew that Suzi was walking for Caroline's loved ones, and needed a picture taken with these hearts.
But by the time we got home from the 3-Day, and then L.A., my friend the closer had talked Caroline into walking with us.
Wow. What a gift.

Here are Caroline and Lori in 2008. Being lazy in the holding area at the end of the walk. If you're ever going to be lazy, that's the place.
If you want to read Caroline's story, click here.
What her story doesn't tell you, though, is that she's had a difficult time with fundraising this year.
If you feel moved by her story and want to help Caroline smush breast cancer, click here. And you'll be glad you did.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Anthony Walks....

Anthony was the first guy to join Team Tiara. Those of you who have been around here awhile know he's my "Money Guy." And he's a darn fine one at that. I can't brag on his money management skills enough. As he would say, "Wowee-wow-wow."

But this isn't about the fact that my investments have exceeded my wildest dreams in this crazy economy. (That's not really how I had described the economy when I first wrote that sentence. But this is a Christian blog, and I do like to keep things family-friendly. And well, I just don't feel like going on an Obama rant tonight. BUT.... I digress. Big Time.)

Anthony is the kind of guy you wish you could live next door to. A servant's heart like few others. When Biggsy wants to spend time with Anthony hunting or whatever else, I can't push him out the door fast enough. Anthony is one of the guys I really like my Honey to hang out with.

It doesn't hurt that he cleans Cheryl's kitchen every night.

I encourage you to follow this link and see for yourself why Anthony does the 3-Day. I can't really say "why Anthony walks in the 3-Day" because that boy really marches to his own drummer when it comes to the 3-Day. He is all about service and helping others and just eating up the entire experience.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Going Pink for the Cure

Hey gang!

Meanderings of a 3-Day Mom is going Pink for the Cure! If you've got a blog, why don't you go pink along with me for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

I'm also going to be telling you about some of the friends I walk with, and why we walk. AND... if you're so inclined, I'm going to ask you to partner with us in our fundraising efforts by helping us spread the word.

To Start....

Can you help us spread the word about our AC/DC Guitar Fundraising? Just send this link to all your friends. We need to sell more tickets! The drawing will be held Saturday, October 17.


Oh! And while you're at it, this is your monthly reminder to Mind Your Melons! Self-exams are your best defense against breast cancer!!!!