Thursday, August 6, 2009

They're Hitched!!!

The girls and I went out to West Texas last weekend for Micah Hensley's wedding. Before we could party, though, we stopped in at Aunt Carla's for a sleepover.

And some windmill pix.

Kaitlyn, being of the huggy sort, had to hug Micah about a million times. And have her picture made with her.

This is what happens when your 8-year-old is your photographer. She needs to grow about 2 feet, or I'm destined to have 6 chins for forever.

It was good to see the Jarretts. And the McMeans. And Mrs. Lewis. I have pictures of all of them, but they're a bit blurry. And, to be honest, Mrs. Lewis' picture just isn't that flattering of either one of us. I have a very strict policy against posting pictures of myself that I don't like.
Granny Nelva with the "Begats."
It sure was good to see Sky. He and Bonnie are in Nashville these days. I think he misses Home. As always, he was very entertaining!

I love this picture of three strong, beautiful women!

Uncle Bill Willard played football at Rice "back in the day," so I snapped this one of girls sharing their Rice Owl spirit with him!
Carla and her girls... They're pretty much grown up!! Sarey's off to college this fall. Wow.

Kaitlyn the red-nosed cutie.

With Paw-Paw.

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