Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Boobies and Bike Riding....

Training for 30 miles in three days is a lot different than training for 60 miles in three days. For one, my feet don't hurt nearly as much as they usually do at this point in the season. Where my friends are doing 10-12 mile training walks, I'm doing 4-5. It's not all bad.

It's all for the boobies....

Since I know better than to walk every day on my feetsies, I've been cross-training on my bike. Walking the kids to school every morning gives me a mile. On Monday and Wednesday, I walked 4 and 5 miles. Tuesday and today I rode my bike. Twelve-point-two miles on Tuesday; 15. 5 today.

Along the way, I've come up with some observations.
  1. Duck poop is messy.
  2. Duck poop can be rather large. Like really large.
  3. Someone has placed rat bait traps over by the lakes, so I must not be the only one in Fairfield with rat nightmares.
  4. Praise God for Body Glide.
  5. My hiney hurts.
  6. Landscape guys are pretty desperate -- they still give me "the eye." Or are they wondering if I'm going to fall off my bike??

I've also learned how to ride a long ways.

  1. Ride five miles while struggling, wondering how you let your legs get so weak.
  2. At mile 4.40, realize you forgot to put air in your tires.
  3. Ride home and put air in your tires.
  4. The next 10 miles will be a breeze!

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