Monday, August 31, 2009

Do You Have Boobies? Do You Love Someone Who Does???

I cross-posted this on my Facebook account tonight, but it's too good not to put it on here as well.

Okay gang.... Right now, Team Tiara has 42 registered walkers. To reach our fundraising goal we really need about 80. I've tried to come up with a great list of reasons you should walk with us. Feel free to add others you can come up with!!!

1. You have Boobies.
2. You love someone who has Boobies.
3. It's easier than Chemo.
4. Suzi Bruin will carry your luggage.
5. We'll raise millions of $$ for breast cancer research and education.
6. You haven't lived until you've pee'd in a port-o-potty that's draped with a garland of really big bras.
7. Pink Beard Barry.
8. You get to sleep in a pink tent.
9. Chocolate never tasted so good.
10. Imagine thousands of people cheering YOU on.
11. 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer.
12. An estimated 1,910 MEN will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and 440 will die.
13. You can ride in the Boobie Mobile.
14. You have a daughter.
15. You are someone's daughter.
16. Pink is definitely your color.
17. You get to eat snacks every three miles!
18. You haven't lived till you've seen men in tutus.
19. 85% of all women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.
20. For 3 days, the world is as it should be.
21. You want to make a difference.
22. You're in great shape.
23. You wish you were in great shape.
24. You've heard rumors of peanut butter and jelly graham cracker sandwiches.
25. Real men wear pink.
26. "There's a guy who loves Boobies!"
27. You have a wife.
28. You wish you had a wife.
29. 3000 women. 500 men. Talk about great odds!
30. You know it takes a LOT of money to fund a CURE.
31. You want to help promote awareness -- self-exams are you best defense!
32. A world without breast cancer isn't just a dream -- it WILL be a reality.
33. You loved my Mom.
34. You loved YOUR Mom.
35. You know how to Fight Like a Girl.
36. Hot Pink feather boas are the way to go!
37. Free massages.
38. You know someone who's going through chemo.
39. You've held a loved one's hand while they went through chemo.
40. You're turning 40 this year.
41. You need a good challenge.
42. You've never taken a shower in a converted semi truck.
43. You don't want to be a statistic.
44. You live in the DFW area -- and don't even have to travel to the walk!
45. We're going to be walking by your house anyway -- why don't you join us?
46. You're one of my best friends.
47. If I, D'Lyn Biggs, am giving up a cool November weekend to do this -- for the FOURTH year in a row -- there's got to be something to it!
48. You really don't have to worry about raising the money -- people want to help!
49. You don't have to walk all 60 miles -- you can always hitch a ride on a shuttle bus!
50. You've always wanted to know more about blister care.
51. What's that moleskin stuff, anyway?
52. You could end up in a Nation-wide advertising campaign!
53. Body Glide is soooo smooth!
54. You could end up wearing your tentmate's sports bra -- yikes!
55. It's a great way to test
your very cold-rated sleeping bag!
56. You can learn about motor boatin'.
57. It's a great excuse to buy new shoes.
58. Do you know 46 people who could donate $50 each? You're there!
59. A weekend with Anthony Patton. 'Nuf said.
60. You get to experience every possible emotion -- in just three days.
61. Pink camo rocks!
62. Talk about a natural high -- just watch your fundraising meter rise!
63. Elimnate breast cancer before you daughters are old enough to know what a mammogram is. 64. Boobies. Boobies. Boobies.
65. How many words can you think of for boobies??
66. I'll show you my bra.
67. Test your balance by trying to pee in a port-o-potty at 3:00 a.m. while trying to keep your flashlight from falling in the hole.
68. Rest. Refuel. Rehydrate. And pee.
69. 60 miles = 4500 calories burned. Cool.
70. The Tammys.
71. It's like a free pass to be completely silly for three days.
72. We have the coolest spokesperson on the planet!
73. You will feel like a queen. Or king. Or athlete. Or superhero.
74. Walking and talking is incredible therapy.
75. You can finally stomp your foot and have your say.
76. If walking 60 miles is crazy, why would you want to be normal???
77. Cancer Sucks.
78. You can meet my sister -- the Trash Lady.
79. You can meet my other sister -- the Queen of the Walker Stalkers.
80. Get "wrapped" by someone who knows what they're doing.
81. It's a great excuse to hit Academy or REI.
82. Suzi & I are on the cover of the Merchandise Catalog.
83. Forget the whales -- save the boobies.
84. You get to yell cute things like "Check your chi-chi's!"
85. Random people you've never met will let you pee in their bathrooms.
86. You can love on puppies and babies all along the way.
87. It's a 60-mile buffet.
88. It's 60 miles of ministry.
89. Linda and her motorcycle, Grace.
90. The kind of humor that only those who have been affected by breast cancer can share.
91. When is a mile really a mile?
92. Karaoke, Karaoke, Karaoke.
93. Don't forget to lock the port-o-potty door.
94. Try finding your ONE tent in a sea of 1500 matching pink tents.
95. If your port-o-potty doesn't have TP, you can call Suzi on your cell phone and she'll bring you some.
96. You've never seen so many decorations involving boobies!
97. Save Second Base.
98. "We must! We must! We must save our busts!"
99. When you hit a wall, and think you can't go one step further, a survivor will pass you. She won't have any hair. And you'll find out what it means to go the extra mile.
100. Isaiah 40:31.
101. My Mom will be there. She is every year. I promise.
102. It will change your life.

Do you "get it??" Register online at

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