Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tweaking it a Bit...

Okay. I've gone 10 days without "The Big Four:"

Alcohol (Not a sacrifice, but still a good thing to elminate from my diet.)
Caffeine (Not a huge sacrifice, but it's good to have around when you're sleeeeepy.)
Sugar (Can't even begin to tell you how addicted to sweets I am.)
Anything from any place with a drive-through. (This is the biggie. It's summer. Do you have any idea how much my kids beg for Chick fil A, Sonic, Taco Bell and Buc -ee's Icees in the summer??)

So. 10 Days. I've lost about 5 lbs. And no, I haven't "cheated." Not half bad, if you ask me. That was all what I consider "bump up" vacation weight, leaving me right about where I was when we left for the Creek in June.

It's good progress, but I need to give up something else. It needs to be The Big Five. I thought about peanut butter, but there's no way. So.... I'm giving up unhealthy restuarant food. Like pizza and the queso from Chili's. Now we're talking willpower!

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