Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay. Here's the Deal.

I've been thinking about this -- how could I not?

Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks two years since my Momma went to be with Jesus. That's two years of her dancing in His kitchen and eating off everyone else's plates at His dinner table.

Last year, our first "anniversary" was spent on a grand adventure. We were with Kelly and the Owen Kiddos, bottle-feeding fawns and and an angora kid. The tribe did a rain dance with Miss Kay out at Paint Rock and had a grand old time. I was determined to make a happy memory to mark that day.

This year, Biggsy had planned to whisk me away this evening for a little surprise trip. That all fell through Saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. when Kait made it all the way downstairs before she threw up on the floor of our bedroom. The next 41 hours brought more of the same. I called the pediatrician's office late yesterday, and they said she needed to be in an ER or an after-hours clinic within the next four hours.

We made it to Excel up by Target about 20 minutes before they closed. The staff there was second-to-none. They decided very quickly that she needed an IV. She was dehydrated enough that it took three tries to get it to work. Not as bad as the stitches after the tree incident, but no walk in the park, either. After about an hour, I brought her home -- along with two different formulas of anti-nausea.

She basically slept until 12:30 today. I had to wake her up to go get Abbie. But when I woke her up, she was completely back to normal. She didn't stop talking all afternoon -- it was like she had been storing it up. Even turned a few cartwheels in the playroom this evening.

Unfortunately all the drama put Biggsy's surprise on hold.

I really don't want to wallow. And I really don't want to sit around and think of what we're missing out on not having Mom here -- and what she's missing out on in return.

So.... I have this idea.

If you knew my Momma, would you take a moment to post a memory or two about her in the comments section? I'd love to hear what you have to share.

I can get you started....

I remember....

When I had to stay home in the first grade because I had pink-eye, and she taught me to ride a bike without training wheels.

Strawberry cake. 'Nuf said.

Dancing in the kitchen.

Mom driving us ALL over for stock shows and everything else 4-H had to offer.

She bought the girls' Easter dresses.

She made all our Easter dresses.

The straight pin she sewed into my formal for Sr. Prom. OUCH!

It was always Feast or Famine.

FHB -- Family Hold Back.

P.G. -- And not the movie kind.

Staying up LATE to type 4-H and Commercial Steer record books.

Cutting out dresses on the conference table at work.

Rice, cream of chicken soup and cut-up chicken.

Mom's Stew

Mississippi Mud.

Hummingbird Cake.

Pasta salad. Pasta salad. Pasta salad.

Collecting dishes.

She who has the most fabric wins.

Borrowing a serger, so I could make that pink formal.


"Anderson and West."

Lindy Long-Legs

Ranch Oak.

Killing 2-3 water hoses every time she needed to kill a snake.


T-shirt Dresses.

The Beached Whale.

Taking Chatchie to Ruidoso.

The banana on the way to ski in Ruidoso.

Fanny Fantastic on the trampoline.


Feeding the cows.

AND White Eyelet.


Kayren said...

Remember the day I got to Nelva's - after I had been in California-after getting married- missing you tremendously and I pulled up and saw you for the first time right before you got married- I remember crying as I hugged your neck and looking over your shoulder and seeing your mother take a deep breath- as if to say ok all is well! Love You!

Amber said...

I remember when her and Milton came to our house in Midlothian and spent several hours with us and ate hamburgers with us. You were on vacation and they were keeping your girls so drive down to see us. It was fun and she was so sweet :) Gave Kamryn a pink teddy bear which she still loves like crazy! ((HUGS))

Patty said...

I remember when your mother and I used to make clothes for you and Kristi. She would make me do all of the cutting out, and she would do all of the sewing, but then she was a phenomenol seamstress!!

TexPatriate said...

I remember the games -- basketball & football -- and that, if your mom was there, my mom always had someone to talk to. =)