Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm so Ready to Fall into Autumn!

With record-breaking temperatures beating down all summer, I've really been drawn into making quilts for Fall.

I started this one for "someone special." Can't tell you who it's for until I give it to her, but you can check it out all the same! It's machine-pieced but hand-quilted. I try to have one going by hand at all times. I love to sit and stitch while watching TV in the evenings.

This next one is for ME!!! I've really done very little work for myself over the years. I've done a few things that are around here, but I can always use more -- right??

It's the same pattern, but machine-quilted on my new machine. Not perfect, but I'm still working on it!!! One of these days I'll graduate to some "real" designs in my quilting.

Close-up of the stitching. I did this with a variegated thread in Fall colors. I love the way it looks!

Both of these little quilts have this farm scene for the background.

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