Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Years Ago Today...

Mom, at her 61st Birthday Party.

For those of you who are new around here, unless you've gone back and read the 600 or so posts I've done, you have no way of knowing this is the 2nd Anniversary of Meanderings. It's not at all the kind of anniversary you'd celebrate, though.

Two years ago today, my Mom was diagnosed with a tumor at the base of her skull. This blog started out as simply a way to keep everyone up to speed. To answer questions clearly and thoroughly -- something that's very difficult when you're crying and your head is spinning and you have no idea where things are headed.

To begin with, we had hope. But that last hurdle was just one too many. Mom didn't have the fight left in her, and the tumor was too big, too involved.

She passed away July 21, 2007 -- a month and a day after that diagnosis. She was only 61.

If you have stuck around all this time, you know that God worked in that situation every single day -- that the details He put in place couldn't have been achieved otherwise. That our every need was covered, and that by showing us He had all the details taken care of, we were assured that God had the Big Picture in hand.

Since then, Meanderings has become a way to stay in touch with those of you who loved my Momma dearly. A way to continue to fill you in on the antics and achievements of Abbie and Kait. An outlet for mourning. A place to rejoice. A place to share more about breast cancer and the 3-Day than I could share anywhere else. The cheapest brand of therapy on Earth.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. And please bear with me for the next month or so.

Today was the two-year mark. And I survived. With Joy still in my heart.

Maybe all that healing that took place yesterday was a gift from my angel up above.

Thanks, Mom!

Always good for a laugh.
Just wish Mom's eyes were open in this picture!

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JSue said...

I'll be thinking about you over this next month. My Mom was only 59...It's rough when they are so young. Not to mention how young you and I both were when they left us. But, at least they have each other...and so do we! Love ya!!