Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Too Freaking Hot....


On the way home from gymnastics today, the thermometer on my truck fluctuated between 106 and 108.

Come on.

And it's so dry! We've gotten no rain in over 30 days.

Records are falling.

The ditch looks like it's in West Texas.

Fireworks haven't totally been banned, but anything classified as a rocket or missile with fins can't cross the line into our county.

Jake is getting to spend his days / nights in the house.

At 10:00 tonight, it was still 97 outside.

So how are we managing? Well, the girls are doing gymnastics three times a week, and are in VBS this week. At least both of those activities are air-conditioned.

They're also working their way through the summer reading list. Slowly, I might add.

And we're keeping the Buc-ee's Icee machine in business.

A Mom-friend at the gym and I had a great visit today. She suggested I google "Emotional Vampires." Veddy, veddy interesting.

Wish I had more to add... it's just too hot to get too motivated about anything!

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TexPatriate said...

It was *almost* 79 here yesterday.

Y'all should make a pilgrimage up here !