Sunday, June 7, 2009

Darling Flames -- 2009 Division Champions!

What a weekend! It's been softball all the time around here for the last week. On Friday, our team holed up at Casa Biggs to "Beat the Heat" and get ready for a tough championship game on Friday. We did all sorts of important team-building exercises -- painted fingernails (Those are little yellow softballs with red stitching on their fingernails. I know. I'm good.), watched H.S. Musical, and ate pizza.

Friday evening, most of the team gathered up at the field to watch the Craze play the Firecrackers. The Craze won, which set us up to play them Saturday morning.

A special game like this deserved special treatment, right? Well... Here's the deal. There were three games at the field on Saturday. Kait's team, the SweeTees Flames were finishing up their undefeated season -- with the promise that they could hit coach pitches for the first time. Abbie's team, the Darling Flames, had to win their first game at 11:00 to wrap up the championship, or they'd have to play again at 12:30. AND our friend Hailey Angst's team, the Angels Flames were the same boat -- but at 4:00.

A little decorating was in order, don't you think??

Kait's team started the morning, and the action, off with a bang! Most of her team wasn't sure if they knew how to hit Coach Pitch or not, but they were ready to try!
Our sweet Kaitlyn did a terrific job -- her Momma was so excited I accidentally stopped the video. Oh well! You get the picture!

On to Abbie's game. This was one of those heart-stopping games. The girls just didn't start off too well -- like they were asleep or something. They finally got going in about the 3rd inning. The Craze, coming off a win the night before, came on strong at first, but was losing steam by the 3rd. There was no way we wanted another game at 12:30.

But boy, we had some incredible plays! Savannah and Elayne both hit Triples! And key ones at that! We came from behind, but at the bottom of the 5th, when our girls stepped up to bat, it was 14-11. Not good.
We needed four runs. Four runs to wrap it up. And we got them. In the process, though, we had two out. But Elayne got a great hit at the end and the girls won 15-14!!! Whoo-hoo!! On to Nestle's!!!
To top it all off, the Angels Flames won their game as well! What a day!!!
We're not quite done with softball, though. We have two team parties to go. AND Abbie made the All-Stars, so she's got two games to play this week! Go Red Team!!

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