Friday, June 12, 2009

All-Star Abbie!

Abbie made the All-Stars this year for the first time!!! They've decided to name themselves the Fireballs -- pretty appropriate since the team is a combination of the Flames, the Firecrackers and the Explosion.

Most of the team gathered at our house to hang out yesterday afternoon. We watched started to watch the 1976, Rated PG version of the Bad News Bears. YIKES. That soon came to a screeching halt. The language wasn't quite appropriate.

So we switched to HS Musical 3 for the 28,089,098 time. The girls still love it!

We painted fingernails and braided hair and headed to the game.

Abs got an out at 3rd. Go Abbie!

Unfortunately, though, we've known the past couple of days that something was up with her. We didn't know if she was intimidated by the new crop of girls that are SUCH good hitters, or what. But we could tell something was up. She hasn't been swinging hard, hasn't had her head in the game, and has been close to tears a couple of times.

Last night, hits were hard for her to come by. Our girl who has only struck out once or twice all year struck out twice last night. She just wasn't with the program. I was at wit's end. Something has been up. After the game, she went to sleep EARLY without eating dinner. And then, this morning she arrived in my room running temperature and complaining of a "funny taste" in her throat when she swallows.

Well, that kind of explains it! We've got an appointment for her with Dr. Trotter at 2:00, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be 100% by 9:00 tomorrow morning!

Here's a picture of her one good hit!!

And the run she scored...

At the bottom of the 5th, the other team turned a triple play on us. YIKES! It's the first one we've seen. Boom, boom, boom! Three girls out and the game was tied at 15. We went an extra inning and ended up winning 16-15. GREAT GAME!

We were so excited Pa could come to Abbie's game!

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The Barner Bunch said...

Go Abbie!!! I'm so proud of her!