Thursday, May 28, 2009


(I tried to write it in a language they would understand.)

May 28, 2009

Dear Sirs,
I grew up in Fluvanna, Texas -- about 25 miles from Snyder, off of Hwy. 84. Fluvanna's pretty small -- just a blinking red stoplight and about 100 people on Christmas Day.

We had to drive to Snyder for milk and groceries. Mom would always call and page us in Wal-Mart to tell us about something she'd forgotten to put on our list (that was the days before cell phones.) And we almost always stopped for a burger while we were in town. Options there were few.... McDonald's, DQ, Lota Burger, and Whataburger.

Years have passed, I’ve grown up, married and have two beautiful little girls. But one thing hasn’t changed. I still love a good burger. And out here in Cypress (on the western edge of Houston), the options are about as limited as they were back in Snyder. But I’m not picky. I like my burger hot enough to melt the cheese, with mustard and mayonnaise. I usually order a #7 with Onion Rings instead of fries. Whataburger #824 is close by, and we like to run by with our kids. Playing off your commercials, our girls love to have “WhataBurper” nights with their Dad.

But I have to tell you…. This has to be the worst Whataburger in Texas. Either that or your standards have gone downhill – fast. Service is sloooooooow in the drive-through, and rarely is my burger hot enough to melt the cheese. I’ve become somewhat grudgingly accepting of that – until last Friday night. I can deal with a lukewarm burger. What I can’t deal with is a salad on a bun.

You see, this is the burger I received Friday night as we headed south to our Fishin’ Hut on Matagorda Bay.

And these are the taillights of our friends in the car ahead – no way was I going to ask them to put their much-anticipated vacation on hold while we turned around and fetched the meat.

I ate my salad on a bun. And yes, it was gross. The bun was cool, the cheese wasn’t melted, and there wasn’t any meat to dilute the flavor of the mustard. There’s a reason you don’t put straight mustard on a salad, you know.

Just thought you should know what’s going on down here in Houston.

Yours Truly,

D'Lyn Biggs,
Household Engineer


JSue said...

Oh D, I completely agree!! That is THE WORST Whataburger EVER!! They are very slow and my food is NEVER right. I always have to pull forward for "extra done" onion rings that are hardly cooked enough to be considered "done"

Hot Rod thinks you should try P.O.'s on Telge. I haven't had the pleasure of trying it yet, but it can't possibly be ANY worse than that particular Whataburger.

Can I get a YUCK from those out in Cypress???

JSue said...

Oh, and one more thing...Why is Whataburger so stinkin' expensive?? It's not like I'm sitting down at Fudruckers!!

jnors said...

The new Whataburger in Carrollton, now a year-plus old, has the same problems. For awhile, I chalked it up to working out the kinks. Now, we drive on by and go to Dairy Queen in Farmers Branch for a good burger.

I second PO Burger. That place rocks and has atmosphere, to boot!

Kayren said...

I am dying- I cannot believe they would send that out the window- you should have called back with the number on the receipt and told them what they handed out the window- at least you might have gotten a free meal out of it. Ours has been pretty stinky lately too- wonder what is happening to the company?

TexPatriate said...

Don't go to the one on the Midland/Odessa highway (the one near the airport), either.

Came in on the redeye one night and was DYING for a Whataburger. 45 MINUTES LATER, I got the reasonable facsimile.

Happy ? Not so much, because I do LOVE me a good Whataburger.