Thursday, May 21, 2009

On Your Knees....

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Kelly was in town with the kids last week while her Momma, Ruthie, spent a couple of days at MD Anderson.

I just didn't give you the whole scoop.

Ruthie was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. A sarcoma kind. A fast-growing, fast-moving kind.

She had had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago in San Angelo and was coming here for the next step. Her kind of cancer is very, very rare, and the doctor in San Angelo might never see another case in his entire career. At MD Anderson they have a clinic just for that type.

So they came here. I kept the kids, Kelly went to the doctor with her Mom, and we all tried to be as upbeat as possible for Miss Ruthie.

It was hard. It was hard to see her less than 100%. I hadn't seen this dear woman in about 15 years. YIKES. That's a long time. But my memories of her are so fond -- she has always been this spirited woman who just has the best outlook on life. It was hard to see her hurting.

They went home on Friday, but came back today -- sans kiddos. Today was a consultation to figure out what to do next. Unfortunately, they've found additional suspicious spots in her pelvic area and a couple on a lung. You don't have to be a 3-Day walker to know this is very, very scary.

Her cancer is growing fast. She starts chemo next Thursday in San Antonio and will come back here in six weeks for more tests.

Please, please pray for Miss Ruthie and her family -- for the chemo to WORK, especially because chemo doesn't always work against this type of cancer. For her to be able to easily weather the side effects. And for safety while making all the trips back and forth to Houston and San Antonio.

Thanks for your prayers,

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