Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last Friday was one of Those days. Biggs almost didn't make it home according to plan -- he and his passport weren't in the same town when he woke up in Amsterdam on Friday morning. YIKES. But he did make it in. And I did survive subbing in 4th grade. And the girls and I rushed home from school, got them changed and headed off to Mayfest at Cypress Academy. Whew.
We had a great time! I have friends whose kids are serious gymnasts. Not us. But it is a great feeling to watch your 2nd grader nail a cartwheel with straight legs or your Kindergartner do a round-off off the beam. So cool!

Abbie wore this same leo at her first gymnastics program, at WOGA in Plano.
This is a picture of Mom at that event. I don't think she would have liked this picture. But it's what I've got. And sometimes you've got to take what you can get.

Same weekend, but at our house in Plano.

Here's Milton at WOGA.

Look at Kait. Note the Tiaras on her leo.
Now.... Abs looks a bit drugged in this picture, but I love those squeezable cheeks on Kait.
I miss those cheeks.

Okay. Back to Mayfest!

This is Abbie's new hairstyle -- FINALLY enough hair for a ponytail. She looks so grown up!

I think Bob Costas and Elfi Schlegel would call this "sticking the landing." It's a 10!

Dude... It really amazes me how long this girl can hold a bridge.

I LOVE this. Here's Kait messing around on the little beam.....

And here's what happens when Kait messes around on the little beam.

It wouldn't be an event without the trophies!

And of course we had to take a picture with the giraffe.

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jacquie said...

Your mom would love the pix from the old and new gymnastics program. Sorry I missed this one. Love you all.