Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Houston Children's Museum

Kelly brought the kids in last week to spend some time with us while Miss Ruthie was checking out the sights at MD Anderson. We made great use of our time and did a wee bit of Museum Hopping while they were here.

Unfortunately, I forgot to delete about 300 softball pix off my camera before we left, so it gave out on me mid-way through. But this will give you an idea.

The Children's Museum has been completely redone and is amazing. We highly recommend it if you're in town!

They have a little town set up where the kids can work to earn play money and then spend it. If your child seems destined for a career as a grocery-checker at HEB, this is the place for hands-on training.

Kaitlyn and Reagan also decided they needed to try a hand at ambulance-driving. If you see them coming, you'd better get out of the way!

The vet clinic was, of course, where our kids spent the most time. Here, Miss Kelly helped the kids diagnose a dog that had swallowed a golf ball and a cat with lead poisoning.

Gage is just too darn cute!

No trip to town would be complete without a trip to the ATM. It's all play money, but boy, does it start them early!

Our girls also loved the art center where they experimented with drawing with a marker and then "painting" water over it to make it look like a water color.

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