Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Gotta Read This

For anyone who has wondered how I ended up who I am....

You gotta read this book. You can read a review right here.

The author, Heather McPhaul, graduated from Borden County High School a few years ahead of me. She was more in line with my Cousin Carla's class.

But that didn't stop her from spying on me, so she could write my biography all these years later.


She did.

She must have.

There's a disclaimer at the front of the book that basically states that the book is fiction. Thank goodness, because in the book it sounds like the school nurse kind of has a thing for the superitendent. There's no way.

But as far as I'm concerned, she has me pegged.

I had a red Hawaiian print bikini that I made for a 4-H project. I didn't lose my bikini top at the class swim party, but that was only because no one in our class had a pool. Thank goodness.

But I did have trouble fitting in as an extremely un-athletic child in a basketball-playing dynasty.

And I remember those long bus rides.

And the whole identity crisis that went with living in a town called Fluvanna, in Scurry County, but going to school in Gail, which was in Borden County, with classmates who lived in places like Vealmoor and Draw and the Big Spring Highway.

And watching a movie in the auditorium the day before Christmas Vacation. The one I most remember -- Where the Red Fern Grows. That was definitely an uplifting movie to watch the day before vacation. Pass the Kleenex, please.

And Good Night, we had to hoe a lot of cotton and tromp a lot of trailers.

It's a fun read -- a fun glimpse into what life was like growing up in West Texas. And it'll give you a glimpse into what 7th grade was like for me! (Minus the nutty-as-a-goober Mom. Oh, and praise God the makers of Kotex discovered adhesive before I got to that part of life!)

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