Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a Weekend!

Okay, Gang. Here's the scoop. I really don't have the bandwith (Do they even say that anymore, or is that a late-90's word??) to write my usual bevy of cute posts -- all with custom headlines. I'm whupped. And the week ahead proves to be way more of the same. What does that mean for you?

One big post.

That's right.

Hang in there with me.

We left Friday morning for a much-anticipated fishing trip at the Creek. I'm talking MUCH-anticipated. We haven't had a chance to fish down there for a couple of months, and I was eager to get out on the Bay. Friday was overcast -- but we hit the water about 2:00. There were no really fresh shrimp to be had -- the ones we picked up were a week old and table shrimp. These were the big boys.

Now, I have to say.... I like fishing with these big, honkin' shrimp. They make it hard to cast, but ya'll know I'll take live shrimp over plastics any day. I like to think that the fish think like me. Plastic? Blech.... AND I have firm belief that you catch big fish with big bait. We fished our way around the bay. I caught several gafftops. I'd never caught one before, and boy, those things are slimy! Biggs caught a hardhead or two -- nothing to write home about.

We kinda followed the other boats and pelicans and ended up at a well-fished spot. At this point, I realized that Kaitlyn had drunk an entire Dr. Pepper. As a general rule of thumb, we don't allow our children to have caffeine. Almost never. So when they do, watch out! Kait was talking non-stop while Abbie took a nap. A nap.

Not only does caffeine make Kaitlyn talk, it also makes her pee -- a lot. So about this time I'm trying to negotiate her peeing off the back of the boat. Since it had been a while since we'd been fishing, I was out of my routine and had forgotten to have her wear bikini bottoms under her shorts. So here we are in the Bay and Kait has to strip to pee. I know you're probably thinking that's going a bit far, but based on prior experience, we know what's got to be done. I've got my line pretty much reeled in with my bobber sitting about 10 feet off the back of the boat, Kaitlyn about to jump on the step, and I'm processing whether or not to put on a fresh shrimp when.... SLAM! I've got a bite.

At this point, I was totally unprepared. Told Kait to put her clothes back on and started reeling. I knew it was a fighter. I'm not exactly allowed to use the "best" rods and reels, and I have to say the one I was using was having a hard time working for me. I reeled and reeled and Biggsy was finally able to net my fish -- a 23-inch Trout!! Oh my Heavens! This thing was huge!

Okay. It's not as big as the 29-incher Biggsy caught this winter. BUT it did weigh in at over 4 lbs. I'm mighty proud!

Of course, we kept fishing... I caught another Trout -- this time 14.5 inches -- just shy of the "keeper" size. Biggsy caught a Trout as well and then...

We decided to head back. We'd been out there about five hours and didn't really relish the idea of cruising back up the Creek in the dark. I decided to cast just one more time -- this time with a BIG Shrimp. I made the comment that this one was going to catch a whale and then....

SLAM! Caught a 22-inch Redfish! This thing was beautiful. His coloring was so pretty. It was a huge relief to see that gold color just under the top of the water -- I was afraid I'd caught a huge gafftop -- something I did not want to see!

Here are all three of our fish. Biggsy's is the little one....

Those of you who join us at the Creek from time to time will be glad to know there's a new restaurant where Linda's Bait Camp used to be. It could still use some work, but it looks like they'll have plenty of space for our boat if we want to stop in at the end of a long day.

We got home around 1:00 and had an Easter Egg hunt with the neighbors this afternoon. Afterwards we grilled out, the kids swam and we all had a great time! I am so thankful we live on a great street with lots of girls for our kids to play with!

That's the scoop for now. As I said earlier, this is stacking up to be a busy week. I'm subbing Monday and Thursday -- in Kinder. As of right now, I've got an appointment to be fitted for a new set of orthotics on Tuesday. On Wednesday I'm taking Abs to see an orthodontist for a preliminary, where-do-we-go and when appointment.
And on Friday, I'm going to Round Top! Whoo-Hoo! A group of us are going to spend the weekend out there scrapping and sewing. I can't wait!!!

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